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How to save money on your water bill with WaterSure

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giant tap in sky illustration

Could you save money on your water bill?

I remember learning about the water cycle at school and drawing big fluffy clouds and rivers in my exercise book and writing long words next to them that meant very little to me at the time.

To be honest evaporation, condensation and precipitation still mean very little to me, but having clean water running out of my tap means quite a lot. But I must have missed the part of the lesson where they said we had to pay for that last bit.

A lot of people try to cut back on the amount of water they use either because they’re concerned about the environmental impact or want to save money. We’ve written about some of the ways you can save money by using less water before, but if you’re struggling to pay your water bill, what can water companies do to help?

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Not paying your priority household bills (debt danger sign #4)

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Mini Graphic 4Much like an illness, you can tell if you have a debt problem based on the symptoms that can arise. We call these symptoms ‘debt danger signs’.

As part of our first national Debt Awareness Week we’re discussing the five danger signs to help you avoid them, or if you’ve tried to deal with your finances in this way, how to get help sooner.

One thing we come across time and time again is people with credit problems who prioritise the wrong type of bill.

The main bills you need to pay each month are household bills that keep a roof over your head, keep you warm, feed you and allow you to get to work. These are your priority debts – your rent, your mortgage, your utility bills such as your gas and electric. Continue reading »


Which bills should I pay first?

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We’ve noticed a worrying trend of people coming to us for help with arrears on household bills. There has been a dramatic rise in people contact us for help with arrears on rent, council tax, gas, electric and water bills.

We often speak to people who’ve fallen behind on these sorts of bills but continue to pay off their credit card debt. If you’re struggling to pay your bills it’s important to know which ones are most important. Continue reading »


How to stop debt collector phone calls

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How to deal with creditor phone calls

How to deal with creditor phone calls

If you’re on an informal debt solution such as a debt management plan (DMP) or you’re making token payments, your creditors can continue to contact you.

It’s likely that they’ll try to get more money from you, hoping that you’ll buckle under the pressure despite what you can afford to pay. Remember that your priority bills and living expenses come before your creditors, so create a budget to work out how much you can pay.

It’s important that you stick to the arrangement that you’ve already made, especially if you can’t afford to pay any more. Continue reading »


What should you do if you can no longer afford a CCJ?

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If you can't afford it follow our advice

If you can’t afford it follow our advice

We all know that your budget can change often, which is why we recommend that you review it regularly.

More often than not it’s because priority bills have increased which leaves you with less money available for other expenses.

This can be really worrying if you have a county court judgment (CCJ) as it’s important that you stick to the payment that you’ve agreed to avoid any further enforcement action. Continue reading »


What happens if you fall into rent arrears?

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[If you’re having problems with your mortgage payments instead, read our mortgage rate rises blogpost]

It's unlikely you'll have to hand the keys back straightaway

It’s unlikely you’ll have to hand the keys back straightaway

There are so many reasons people fall behind on rent payments, and as we’ve seen, it seems to be a growing problem.

It could be that your hours were reduced at work, or the washing machine broke and you had to make savings somewhere to be able to afford to replace it.

Most commonly we hear from clients that have missed rent payments to be able to pay unsecured credit debts. We know that creditors can be quick to chase you for missed payments but not paying your rent has higher consequences than not paying your credit card.

In the worst case scenario if you fall behind on your rent and can’t afford to get back up to date you could end up being evicted. We’ve already told you what you should do to avoid eviction but what actually happens if you miss rent payments? Continue reading »