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How to be a thrifty and fabulous wedding guest

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Weddings can mean stress, high expectations, and – if you’re not careful – spiraling expense. No, we’re not talking about the bride and groom; we’re talking about you, the wedding guest!

After hunting down the perfect outfit and arranging travel to some far flung location for the ceremony, you then have to worry about accommodation. Presents for the happy couple don’t exactly come cheap, and don’t even get me started on the hen or stag do!

As with all great attack strategies, we need to look at the wedding day from all angles so your wallet doesn’t leave you feeling jilted at the altar…

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8 ways to wrap up Christmas early this year

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Don't get swept up in Christmas mania this year!

Don’t get swept up in Christmas mania this year!

As much as most of us are loathe to even think about it, Christmas is steadily creeping closer. It’s now less than 100 days away!

Before we know it, festive adverts will soon dominate our televisions, and from every supermarket speaker will rattle a relentless barrage of cutesy jingles. Bah! Bah humbug, I say!

Leaving our gripes to one side for a moment, planning for Christmas now is a wise move – by taking just a few small steps each week, you can save yourself a ton of aggravation come December.

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Thrifty birthday gift ideas

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Happy birthday

Oh you shouldn’t have…

Birthdays should be a time of fun and happiness but if you’re short of cash then finding money for birthday gifts can be a major cause of stress.

Don’t fear though, with a bit of thought and creativity you can avoid shelling out your money and give a birthday gift that the recipient will love.

Most people will agree that the presents they really remember are the ones that took effort rather than ones that were pulled off the shelf in a shop and hurriedly shoved in a gift bag.

So giving a gift that’s low on cost but high on thought is more likely to be a hit!

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