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eBook review: Jump Start your Money Confidence by Penny Golightly

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Confidence looks like different things to different people. For many, it’s what you need when tackling a tough issue with your boss or wearing a slightly more daring outfit than usual. Money confidence can be a more complex beast altogether.

What is money confidence? Is it about having faith in your ability to spend wisely? Is it the guts it takes to face down the debt problems you’ve been meaning to deal with? Is it the joy of building a realistic budget and knowing that by sticking to it, you can become a money-saving superstar?

It turns out, as Penny Golightly’s new eBook will show you, that it’s all these things and more.

I was really pleased when Penny got in touch and asked me to take a gander at her most recent downloadable book ‘Jump Start Your Money Confidence’. I enjoy her writing style a great deal, so I was hopeful that I would find it an engaging as well as informative read. Here are my highlights from the book, and why I think it’s definitely worth a read.

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