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How to keep the kids occupied this summer for less

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The summer holidays are here! It can be a tricky task to keep the kids happy for six or eight whole weeks, especially with soaring costs making the task even harder.

kids occupied this summer

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You got a friend: the MSE Debt-Free Wannabe board

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We answer debt questions on the MoneySavingExpert forum every day, but how else can the forum help those in debt? We asked Fermi, one of the stars of the Debt-Free Wannabe board, to give his thoughts on the support the MSE forum members offer each other.

DFW forum

The MSE Debt-Free Wannabe board

For many people the desire to be free from the burden of debt is probably a daily and consuming issue. However, it’s also something that many (perhaps most) find it hard to confide and share with friends and family, which can result in it feeling a very, very lonely struggle.

The Debt-Free Wannabe (DFW) board on the MoneySavingExpert (MSE) forum exists to try and breach that barrier: to provide a place where you can talk with others battling with the same issues; give and receive much needed emotional support; work through problems; encourage and help each other on your debt free journey; and much more.

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