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10 things your Nan can teach you about budgeting

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As much as I loved my Nan when I was growing up I always thought she was a bit of a skinflint.

I have vivid memories from my teenage years of being embarrassed when she’d take me into charity shops, and annoyed when she’d nag me to switch off lights. I’d roll my eyes and sigh; 14-year-old me just didn’t care about saving money.

Twenty years later and I understand why she was always being thrifty: she believed in saving on the little things in life so that she could build a nest egg. Sadly my Nan is no longer with us, but I think some of the budgeting tips she taught me are timeless.

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How to budget on a fluctuating income

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Whether you’re working flexible hours because it suits your lifestyle or you’ve been unable to find a full time contract, living off a fluctuating income can be a challenge.

Not knowing what your take home pay will be each week or month can make budgeting difficult, and sometimes this uncertainty can push you into debt. Here we talk about how you can budget even when you’ve got a fluctuating income.

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