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We ask Facebook – what would you do if your partner refused to get debt advice?

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Wake up to money worries

Few things cause conflict between a couple like debt

Long-term relationships are built on a foundation of trust, openness and a willingness to meet your other half’s needs (such as listening to their work gripes or handing over the remote when the big match is on telly).

Very often however, couples can’t see eye to eye on an array of important things, one of them being how to deal with problem debt.

Recently we spoke to a lady called Brenda (not her real name) who desperately wanted our help with the debts she and her partner had. Unfortunately, her partner was not ready to seek debt advice, something that Brenda was very upset about.

We were interested to know how our followers on Facebook would feel about this, so we asked them: What would you advise Brenda to do in this situation?

As always, our Facebook community gave us lots to think about!

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