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20 foods you might be chucking out too soon

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I love my food. Love it. If my bathroom scales were blessed with the power of speech (as well as the power of lies…), they’d tell you the same. What I don’t love is food gone bad before its time. It makes me feel cheated, sad, and still hungry, which is obviously not the point!

When you’re cutting back on day to day costs, preventing food from spoiling too quickly is easier said than done. How do you know you’re storing it correctly? What’s better; room temperature or the arctic depths of the freezer? So many pitfalls!

Not to worry, help is at hand. Check out these easy-peasy ways you could prolong the lives of your perishables. If done properly, just a few small changes can add days, weeks, even months of longevity to your food.

(Always be sure to adhere to food safety guidelines when storing your food. Read this guide on how to store leftovers safely on the NHS website for more details)

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