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8 free and local things to do when school’s out

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School breaks can be super-fun for you and the kids, but they’re not exactly thrifty! If you find yourself struggling to keep the little’uns – and the big’uns – entertained, fear not! Our pal Abby King from Latest Free Stuff has got you covered with some great activity ideas, whatever the season…

The school holidays certainly have a way of sneaking up on you. 

Entertaining kids in the school holidays needn’t be expensive, extravagant or difficult. There are plenty of activities for your kids to enjoy that won’t cost a penny nor require much travelling either. They’re ideal for all the family to enjoy, whatever the weather and no matter budget you’re working with.

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Cheap Bonfire Night tips that go with a bang and not a whimper!

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Bonfire on a budget!

Bonfire on a budget!

The smoke in the chilly air, the crackle of the fire, the squeal of a nearby rocket, an ambulance siren in the distance – it’s November 5th and Bonfire Night. What’s a Guy to do?

I’m probably not the best person to write a blogpost on Bonfire Night. As an animal lover I’m not overly keen on it as it upsets my dogs a lot. However, I have very distinct memories of Bonfire Nights as a child, when things weren’t as commercialised and Bonfire Night didn’t need to cost hundreds of pounds.

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