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9 foods you didn’t know you could make at home

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The supermarket shop tends to make up a substantial part of most people’s monthly expenditure. When you’re on a tight budget one of the first things you might look at is how to reduce your family’s food bill, whether that’s by swapping to a cheaper store or planning your meals in advance.

But the savings don’t need to stop there!  What if you could recreate some of your favourite shop-bought items in your own kitchen and get the same flavour for a fraction of the cost?

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Fakeaways vs. takeaways

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We asked one of our favourite bloggers, Ricky aka Skint Dad, to tell us what drove him to swap takeaways for ‘fakeaways’. There’s no turning back now for this thrifty father of three – let’s see how he got on!

The fakeaway should be on the menu every Saturday night

The fakeaway should be on the menu every Saturday night

“Can I have a chicken curry, special fried rice, beef chow mein, sweet and sour chicken balls, vegetable pancake rolls and chuck in a bag of prawn crackers?…

…Oh and a diet coke.”

These words, or variations of these words, are heard in households up and down the country throughout the year…and it’s costing us a fortune.

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