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Benefit changes 2014: what’s going to happen?

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Benefit changes 2014

Benefit changes 2014

There’s rarely a day goes by without benefit changes being in the news for some reason or other but it’s often hard to know the details of what’s actually going to happen. To make life easy, we’ve summarised the big welfare benefit changes in 2014.

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Overpayment of benefits – are you getting too much?

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filling in tax credit forms can be daunting

Filling in tax credit forms can be daunting

You’ve had a gut feeling you’ve been receiving more unemployment benefit, tax credits or council tax discounts than you may be entitled to for some time now.

The tax office mentioned something about letting them know straight away if you have a change in circumstances. But a few more pounds a week in benefits are far from ‘public enemy number one’ material, right?

If you don’t know a lot about the tax system and how it works it can be downright bewildering. You might end up thinking, “surely they won’t know I’m getting more than I should? Even if they did, what could they do about it?”

As it turns out, there’s a lot they can do about it. Don’t worry, there’s also something you can do to put things right.

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