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Bailiffs: ten things you need to know

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Update: since this article was written there’s been a major change in bailiff law.

When you’ve got debt problems you live in fear of a visit from a bailiff (sometimes referred to as “enforcement agents”). But there is no need to be worried. 

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How to stop debt collector phone calls

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How to deal with creditor phone calls

How to deal with creditor phone calls

If you’re on an informal debt solution such as a debt management plan (DMP) or you’re making token payments, your creditors can continue to contact you.

It’s likely that they’ll try to get more money from you, hoping that you’ll buckle under the pressure despite what you can afford to pay. Remember that your priority bills and living expenses come before your creditors, so create a budget to work out how much you can pay.

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You’re in debt but what can your creditors actually do?

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UPDATE October 2017: The rules around creditors sending court forms have changed. You should now receive a ‘letter of claim’ before any court action. Read more about the new Pre-Action Protocol for Debt Claims.

If you need help right now use our anonymous online advice tool Debt Remedy. In around 20 minutes you’ll find the best way to deal with your debts.

county court judgment letters

Received a CCJ? Click to find out more

There can be lots of misconceptions about what creditors (your lenders) can and cannot do. We hear from clients that are scared stiff of bailiffs (enforcement agents) or being sent to prison when they’ve only missed one or two payments or just received a default notice or a CCJ (County Court Judgment) through the post.

A lot of action by creditors will be tactics to encourage you to make extra payments, so it’s useful to know what your rights are to help to put your mind at ease.

Knowing what creditors can and cannot do and understanding the debt collection process can help to remove a lot of worry and uncertainty around debts.

Please note: the advice below talks about what creditors can do with unsecured debts. There’s more on our website about priority debts and arrears.

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10 ways to stop debt collectors finding you on social media

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spy snooping blinds

They’re watching you!

Recently we found a list of top 10 social media collections tips on the fascinating Credit and Collections blog, a website for the debt collection trade. It’s amazing – but not surprising – to find that some debt collectors are using  underhand tactics to find debtors online.

We’re right to be nervous about unscrupulous agents. Last year Facebook warned debt collectors not to use its service to track down those owing money after a woman in Florida was stalked for non-payment of a car loan. In April this year the judge told the collector to cease and desist.

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What to do if creditors keep contacting you

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Worried woman on phone

They’ve rung you again…

[Please note: The scenario described in this article is fictional, however the advice listed is factual]

So you’ve had your light bulb moment and you’ve taken that big step and contacted us about your debt problems.

You feel relieved that you’ve admitted you need help and speaking to a debt advisor who explained all your options and offered you some helpful advice.

You’ve been recommended a debt management plan (DMP) and for the first time in ages you now have a plan of action and a way to help you deal with your debts.

Then you get a phone call…

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