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Skint Dad’s homemade sniffle sorter-outers!

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As a busy dad of three, our pal Ricky Willis A.K.A. Skint Dad knows all about the woes of winter illnesses, and has some cheeky tips to help keep them on ice – over to you, Ricky! 

Hot water bottle and winter woolies

Put these winter warmers to the test!

As winter approaches and the weather turns from a gentle breeze to a bitter blast, the Skint household is full of cold.

Whether it’s just bad luck or we genuinely all have weak immune systems, for the last couple of weeks one or more of us have been suffering from constant sneezing, a runny nose and a total feeling of being run down.

We don’t usually take much in the way of medicines (unless it’s absolutely necessary) and much prefer to try homemade remedies instead, which sooth the throat, warm the tummy and start to relieve congestion.

So, without further ado, here are a bunch of beautifully easy cough and cold remedies we use to get us through the winter months.

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