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How to prepare for your DMP review

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So your debt management plan (DMP) has been ticking over nicely. Hopefully your creditors have stopped or reduced contact with you and you’re budgeting like a pro.

But we know that this isn’t always the case; kids grow older, bills go up, and your situation can change and adapt.

Reviewing your situation every year, and when things change, can ensure that your DMP is working as it should.

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6 ways for stay-at-home parents to make money

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Stay-at-home mums and dads are some of the busiest people on the planet. Switching roles between tear-wiper and hug-dispenser to lunch-yielder and ponytail-architect doesn’t leave lots of room for making some extra cash.

Fret not! Our pal Kamal Khurana from Moneymagpie.com is here to give parents a helping hand…

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Know your rights: July’s debt news

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We’ve had Wimbledon, a short heat wave and plenty of drizzle, so it’s safe to say that summer has properly begun. What better way to enjoy the longer evenings and warmer rain than to kick back and enjoy the latest edition of debt and money news?

We’ve scoured the web for all the latest news on debt and money, so you don’t have to. Find out the latest on phoning 0800 numbers from your mobile, banks using jargon, soaring rents, payday loan complaints and much more. Well, a bit more.

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Debt Awareness Week 2015: let’s take control of debt!

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Debt Awareness Week logo

Lets help more people take control of debt than ever

Personal debt is an issue for millions, but in no month is the stress of debt more acutely felt than in January. Many people are feeling broke after the festive season, and may have opted to put off seeking debt advice until now.

It’s estimated that some 2.9 million people urgently need debt advice*. The trouble is that many don’t know where to start.

On Monday we launch our second annual Debt Awareness Week, where we highlight the issue and encourage people to get free debt advice. We want to help more people take control of their debt than ever before.

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Zero Waste Week: are you up for the challenge?

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How could Zero Waste Week save you money?

How could Zero Waste Week save you money?

How often do you find yourself chucking plastic packaging in the bin because you don’t know if you can recycle it, or throwing away food because you’ve made too much? I’ll put my hand up and confess I’m guilty of doing both.

It’s incredible to think that in England alone we generate a massive 177 million tonnes of rubbish each year. As well as the environmental cost of wasting our resources, there is also a huge financial toll. How much money could we save if we planned our meals better, used up leftovers, and didn’t always look to buy things brand new?

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My 4 favourite cheap homemade beauty products

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Natural beauty products

Pamper yourself with these thrifty beauty tips

When you’re on a budget it can be difficult to justify a bit of pampering. Over time however, I’ve found that many kitchen cupboard fillers can be used to make brilliant beauty products for a fraction of the price.

Here are some of my favourite ideas which can be adapted to suit you or whatever you happen to have lying around in your cupboard.

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How to avoid over-spending on Christmas ‘grudge’ purchases

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Christmas grudge spends

They’re not happy about the cost of the wrapping paper

Christmas, bah humbug. Well, it seems that the season of goodwill does bring out the Scrooge in a lot of us.

A recent study found out that we have a number of ‘grudge’ purchases we feel forced to make, and a number of Christmas ‘gripes’ that really get on our nerves. And all of these gripes, groans and grudges involve money. So how do you avoid wasting money on stuff you don’t need?

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