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6 changes I made to save money on my supermarket shopping

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During a recent cash flow crisis, I decided to stop making unnecessary purchases. I thought I was being sensible, but the money in my current account was dwindling away at an alarming rate.

I couldn’t understand how I was spending so much, when the only time I spent money was at the supermarket.

All those quick trips to get a “few things for tea” were mounting up.

I had to completely change my approach to food shopping. Along the way I learned some useful lessons the hard way. Here are six things I changed that meant I could stick to a grocery spending budget.

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The MoneySavingExpert.com downshift challenge: What’s it all about?

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Money Saving Expert logoYou’ve probably heard of Money Saving Expert and the great advice from Martin Lewis
and the guys on budgeting and getting
the best possible deals.

You may not, however, have heard of their downshift challenge and how it could help to reduce your supermarket spending costs.

As you’re probably well aware we’re all about saving money and we love a good challenge, so naturally we decided to find out more!

We chatted with Steve Nowottny, consumer & features editor at MoneySavingExpert.com, to get the low down on the downshift challenge and to find out how you could help your budget by saving money on the all-important weekly shop.

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