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The truth about not paying your debts

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This page contains information about debt solutions available in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Debt advice in Scotland involves similar but different solutions. Before considering an IVA as a debt solution, please make sure you fully understand the risks involved when entering an IVA.

Most people who suffer with debt problems have lots of things in common, one of them being that they want to pay their debts off but can’t.

Every now and again we come across people who think that by ignoring their debt, it’ll go away. They may have heard it from a friend or family member, or read it on some (not always well-meaning) forum.

It can be tempting to take a cue from the ostrich, and bury your head in the sand to avoid your debts. However, pretending your problems don’t exist can cause a lot more harm and stress than seeking the support you need.

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