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Need to make extra cash in 2011? 10 MORE ways to increase your income

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More bills to pay!

More bills to pay! (thanks to Route79)

Due to the success of our previous post on making extra cash in the New Year, we’ve compiled another 10 tips for you to consider if you need money fast.

With a bit of planning, following the tips on here, plus some cutbacks in expenditure you could find that you may be able to pay extra to help clear any debts you have.

  1. Are you getting any of the available grants you could claim? For example, you may be eligible for help with fuel or other household costs.
  2. Rent a room to a lodger. You could earn up to £4250 a year tax free.
  3. Babysit for friends or relatives.
  4. Promote products and become a representative for a company like Avon.
  5. Do you have a talent such as dancing, playing an instrument, or a second language?  Find out if there are any local centres where you could hold a class.
  6. Become a mystery shopper.
  7. If friends or family are pressed for time, offer to do their ironing for something in return.
  8. Clear out your cupboards and sell unwanted items on an auction site such as eBay, or at a car boot sale.
  9. Check your tax to make sure your tax code is correct and you are not paying too much.
  10. Are you a keen gardener or DIY enthusiast? Put your skills to good use and offer your services.

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