Help with research into the effects of payday loans



The University of Coventry and Toynbee Hall are conducting a study to investigate the impact of the regulation of Payday loans on borrowers.

They’re interested in interviewing people who have taken out or been refused a payday loan since January 2014. Would you like to take part?

What you’ll need to do

The interview should take approximately 45 minutes to complete and can be conducted at a location of your choice. To thank you for your time they’ll provide a £30 Love2Shop voucher.

Your confidentiality

All answers will be treated confidentially and any information provided will be kept anonymous in any research outputs and academic publications.  Your details will not be given to any other organizations and the researchers will not contact you again after the interview.

How to take part

This research project is being run externally by University of Coventry and Toynbee Hall, and not by StepChange Debt Charity. Therefore, if you have any questions about the research or if you fit the above criteria and would like to participate, please get in touch with Dr Hussan Aslam via the email link below.

Email Dr Hussan Aslam to find out more