How can I make money from market research?

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Are you living on a budget and looking to maximise your income? Finding easy ways to make a little extra cash can come in handy when your finances are stretched.

But how do you make money from market research? What exactly is it anyway?
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10 weird and wonderful ways to make money in 2017

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We’ll never stop looking for new ideas on how you can make extra cash. From inviting people around to dinner to adding your wisdom to fortune cookies, it seems that new, weird and wonderful ways to make money are popping up all of the time!

This is part four in our ‘Weird and Wonderful Ways to Make Money’ series. Don’t forget to check out parts one, two and three!

(Please note that some of the following money-making tips have been added for entertainment purposes).

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Quit smoking, save the pennies for No Smoking Day 2017

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It's time to quit

How can something so small create so much pain?

You may have been debating quitting smoking for some time now. You’re probably well aware of what a drain on your budget cigarettes can be, but it’s easier said than done to give them up for good.

Believe me, we know how you feel; we have three ex-smokers on the team and one other who regularly steps out into the cold to light up.

Look at the budgeting you can do: cancelling a mag subscription? Easy. Buying more own-name brands than the more expensive food labels? A doddle. But, those cigs keep coming back, almost as if they’re taunting you. We don’t give a fig about your budget, they squeal, so we’re not going anywhere…!

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10 ways to treat mum this Mother’s Day

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Mum, mam, mother, ma. Whatever you call her, you don’t need to spend lots of money on Mother’s Day to show her you care.

Mums aren’t always into pricey things. In fact, if you go all out with your spending they may worry about how much money you’ve spent. That’s what they’re like.

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How to improve your chances of landing a fantastic job

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Landing yourself a job you actually enjoy can be easier said than done. Jasmine from MoneyMagpie believes in the importance of job satisfaction and getting paid to do what you love. She stopped by the blog to share her thoughts…

Jasmine Birtles from Money MagpieAre you looking for a job and wondering whether you’ll ever find the right one for you?

Having a job you enjoy can make a lot of difference to your overall happiness. Perhaps you used to love your job, but the ‘honeymoon period’ is starting to wane.

By taking another look at things you’re already doing, you might improve your chances of getting a job you truly want, or enjoying the one you currently have.

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Cheap and easy ways to organise your home  

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Most of us have things in our home we no longer want and could make some extra money by selling. Jasmine Birtles of MoneyMagpie is here to tell you all about Clear Your Clutter Day, and how you can get involved.

If you’re struggling with getting your finances in order, a cluttered house can add to the stress you may be feeling. By organising your home you may find it easier to get on top of your finances. Yes, really!

That’s part of the message of national Clear Your Clutter Day, happening on Saturday 11 March this year. It’s all about getting rid of the junk you no longer need so you can make way for the life and living space you want…and get some extra pennies in your pocket from selling stuff and saving money while you’re at it.

It doesn’t have to cost much (if anything) to get organised. Here are some quick, easy and cheap ways to de-clutter every room of the house.

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The top 5 debt and money news stories for February 2017

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With gloomy January out of the way, we take a look at the latest personal debt statistics from the Bank of England, get the low-down on why so many banks are closing high street branches, and find out about the rising number of us applying for insolvency.

Not only that, we’ll explore research suggesting you could be saving on your ‘big shop’ and we look at how the Government is changing the benefits available to the bereaved…

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