Making money as a freelancer: What’s it really like?

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Working for yourself as a freelancer might sound appealing, but what’s it really like? I spent three years as a full-time freelancer and can tell you what the day-to-day reality is, how to get started, and give you some helpful tips.

Freelancing can be incredibly rewarding and you actually can make money, but there are challenges. I learned this the hard way when I worked for myself. Here are my tips for anyone who wants to take the plunge.

Working as a freelancer
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Your 2018 10 step financial detox

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Now that we’re in a fresh New Year, it’s all about clean slates, resolutions and working towards being our healthiest in all aspects of life, including money. There’s no better time to give yourself a financial detox!

Let’s make this year the one where you conquer your money woes once and for all. We’ve put together a list of ten financial detox tips to keep you on track…

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Wannabe Debt Free? Join the club!

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Dealing with debt can make you feel isolated. There may be a sense of shame that stops you from talking to people you trust, and keeping your worries to yourself can take a toll on your mental health.

If you’re struggling with debt-related worry, it’s worth paying a visit to the forum. The forum has almost 1.7 million members. Most of them are looking to save money, improve their budget or tackle their debt problems.

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On their Debt-Free Wannabe (DFW) board you’ll find hundreds of people just like you who are dealing with – and overcoming – their debt problems.

You won’t find judgment there, but you will find support and inspiration to help you through your own journey out of debt.

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Overdraft debt: what to do if you’re constantly overdrawn

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We’ve published new research which shows that 2.1 million people were stuck in their overdraft for all of 2016. Sound familiar? We should be able to help.

Our research about overdrafts revealed that many people are stuck in their overdrafts, locked in a cycle of borrowing that’s hard to break free from. Overdrafts are meant to be dipped into occasionally to help with a short-term problem, but millions are relying on them to cover basic living costs.

But what can you do to try and get ‘back in the black’? We investigate four steps you can take to help.

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Our top 20 articles of 2017

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We’ve had a grand old year on the MoneyAware blog, with 61 articles published and almost 1.5 million visits to the site.

We’re pleased as punch that our posts have reached so many people, and even happier that our older articles are still sought out and help people today.

Without further ado, here’s a round-up of the most popular articles on this here blog for 2017.

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Rent-to-own – what are the alternatives?

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Rent to own now, keep paying much, much later?

The End Child Poverty (ECP) coalition has launched a campaign, which we’re supporting, to protect people who are paying way above standard prices for basic household goods through rent-to-own companies, such as BrightHouse or Perfect Homes.

The ECP coalition found,with the help of insights from our clients, that people are paying as much as three times more when using weekly payment schemes compared to the standard price paid for goods up front.

To help you avoid paying over the odds to furnish your home, we’ve put together some alternatives – along with some shocking facts about right-to-own.

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6 changes I made to save money on my supermarket shopping

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During a recent cash flow crisis, I decided to stop making unnecessary purchases. I thought I was being sensible, but the money in my current account was dwindling away at an alarming rate.

I couldn’t understand how I was spending so much, when the only time I spent money was at the supermarket.

All those quick trips to get a “few things for tea” were mounting up.

I had to completely change my approach to food shopping. Along the way I learned some useful lessons the hard way. Here are six things I changed that meant I could stick to a grocery spending budget.

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