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I am the newest member of the Money Aware team. I am a thrifty Yorkshire lass and an enthusiastic home cook, with a lot of ideas about saving money wherever possible.

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Making money as a freelancer: What’s it really like?

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Working for yourself as a freelancer might sound appealing, but what’s it really like? I spent three years as a full-time freelancer and can tell you what the day-to-day reality is, how to get started, and give you some helpful tips.

Freelancing can be incredibly rewarding and you actually can make money, but there are challenges. I learned this the hard way when I worked for myself. Here are my tips for anyone who wants to take the plunge.

Working as a freelancer
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6 changes I made to save money on my supermarket shopping

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During a recent cash flow crisis, I decided to stop making unnecessary purchases. I thought I was being sensible, but the money in my current account was dwindling away at an alarming rate.

I couldn’t understand how I was spending so much, when the only time I spent money was at the supermarket.

All those quick trips to get a “few things for tea” were mounting up.

I had to completely change my approach to food shopping. Along the way I learned some useful lessons the hard way. Here are six things I changed that meant I could stick to a grocery spending budget.

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