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How to declutter your finances

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When we think of clutter, it’s usually old and unused objects lying around the house that comes to mind. However, one of the most important areas where you should be decluttering, but which is often overlooked, is your finances. Fabian Broeker from shares his top tips…

Getting on top of your money can seem a daunting task, but it can make life a lot easier. As part of our Clear Your Clutter campaign, we’ve put together a handy guide to help you free yourself from financial flim-flammery…

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Store cupboard essentials for cheap and easy meals

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Keeping a few essential items in your cupboard can save serious money on your food budget. These favourite ingredients offer the best value for money because they’re versatile and long-lasting – and, most importantly, are guaranteed to produce really easy, hassle-free meals.

I regularly set myself the ‘Eat the kitchen’ challenge. This means I rummage through my cupboards, fridge and freezer, devising meals ideas which don’t involve buying extra ingredients.

Doing this has taught me which store cupboard essentials I regularly rely on to come up with meals requiring little preparation and hardly any spending.

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