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Who made our top ten this month?

Who made our top ten this month?

Now the colder months are officially here, my walk home from work is peppered by the sight of plump squirrels stuffing their cheeks in preparation for the big winter sleep.

It certainly seems like a number of money bloggers are following suit, as we found several fantastic blogposts on how to freeze your favourite foodstuffs and make it last much longer. Every savvy money-saver knows that freezing your food is a sure-fire way to stretch your budget!

Autumn’s also the perfect opportunity for some quality time catching up over food with your nearest and dearest. If you struggle to find the time to have a sit down meal with your other half, we found a smashing list of recipe ideas to try.

From unexpected fines to unbelievably awesome homemade stocking fillers, we’ve seriously got it all this month! Let’s delve in, shall we?

  1. Defuzzing on a budget (A Thrifty Mrs) 
defuzz on the cheap

Photo courtesy of A Thrifty Mrs

I don’t know about you but one of my many, MANY bugbears is how hideously overpriced lady razors are. Not to mention how extortionate waxing sessions tend to be… paying an arm and a leg just so I can have my follicles mercilessly ripped out is not my idea of fun.

El over at A Thrifty Mrs talks us through how to achieve silky smooth legs without leaving some nasty nicks on your wallet.

El can also be found on Twitter.

  1. 10 shocking fines you didn’t know you could get (Moneymagpie)

No-one enjoys being slapped with an unexpected fine, especially if the penalty seems unfair or for something you didn’t know you were doing wrong. Thankfully, the good folk over at Moneymagpie have put together a list of fines you need to know about in order to avoid a big nasty charge out of the blue!

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  1. Teach kids how to save, share and spend their money (The Heavy Purse)

You’d be hard-pressed to find a parent who doesn’t think children should learn about money, but knowing when we should start talking to them about it is a different matter altogether. Some believe money is a grown-up concern and want to wait until their children leave home. Others, like Shannon over at The Heavy Purse, say the younger the better when it comes to money savviness.

Do you agree? Let Shannon know on Twitter.

(Be sure to also check out this blogpost from our Pavan about teaching our kids to be money-savvy)

  1. 11 pregnancy tips that will save you thousands (Live Like You Are Rich)

Pregnancy brings with it myriad emotions and challenges. Expectant mummies can float between excitement and joy to nausea and nerves, swinging pendulously between both. Add to this the looming costs that’ll make themselves known once baby comes wailing into life, and it’s little wonder that stress is never too far away. These 11 Pregnancy Tips from Anita at Live Like You Were Rich should put some of those money worries to bed.

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  1. Can you freeze THAT? (Six Figures Under)
freeze food save money

Photo courtesy of Six Figures Under

From milk and bananas to cookie dough and apple sauce, it’s amazing how many foodstuffs can be frozen for later. Did you know you can even freeze sandwiches? While I don’t relish the idea of biting into ice next time I eat a BLT, I was nicely surprised at the amount of things I could freeze, according to Stephanie at Six Figures Under.

Chill with Stephanie on Twitter.

6.  My 10 Thrift Store Shopping Tips: How To Decorate on a Budget (Live Love DIY)

I don’t know about you, but I can spend hours daydreaming about revamping my abode (yes, that’s how dull my daydreams are, thanks for asking). My daydreams are brought abruptly back down to earth however when I realise just how expensive such efforts tend to be. Virginia over at Live Love DIY begs to differ though, and cites the humble charity shop as the source of your gaff’s whole new look.

Virginia can also be found on Twitter.

  1. 88 awesome DIY stocking stuffers (Popsugar)
cheap homemade stocking fillers

Photo courtesy of PopSugar

Some may say that it’s a little early to start worrying about Christmas gifts, but the shrewd ones among us know that it’s a downhill race to the festive season now that Guy Fawkes night is out of the way.

Why not get started early and have a flick through this fab list of homemade goodies from Popsugar…I for one might have to give glitter candles a try!

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  1. 20 delicious and cheap dinners for two (Lifehack)

Day to day life tends to be so hectic that sitting down for a cosy meal with your other half can sometimes seem like wishful thinking. There’s so much to do when we get home, from tackling the ironing to walking the dog…it’s a wonder we manage to squeeze a proper meal in at all! Fret not, Lifehack’s got your back with these 20 yummy and thrifty dinner-for-two ideas.

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  1. 10 tips for better meal planning (Modern Parents Messy Kids)

There are people who love meal planning, and as many people who hate it. Whatever side of the fence you fall on, planning meals ahead of time can be really helpful for your budget and your sanity as a parent (and non-parent too!). Everyone goes about meal planning a little differently, but this is how Steph over at Modern Parents Messy Kids gets it done.

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10. 35 things to do instead of spending money (Mindbodygreen)

In this money-hungry world it’s easy to think that you can barely leave your own house without putting your hand in your pocket. Now we’re well and truly in the throes of autumn however, there’s a whole plethora of fun outdoors and indoors to keep you occupied without parting ways with your pennies. Mindbodygreen shows you how.

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Did you spot any splendid money-saving articles around the web this month? Let us know in the comments!

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