MoneyAware taste test: Overpaying for your chocolate fix?

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Chocolate taste test subjects

Tasty Test Subjects!

When living on a budget it’s important to still allow yourself small luxuries – you are human after all. Luckily, we’re here to help you find the best value treats around!

Following the roaring success of the biscuit taste test the MoneyAware team have taken it upon themselves to taste test more food (for your benefit of course).

That’s right: last Friday the office turned into a highly scientific taste-testing laboratory in search of a taste sensation. Our mission: to discover if supermarket basics can rival premium brands in taste. It’s tense.

The test subject: chocolate

With the mission in mind I headed to the supermarket to hunt down a suitable test subject. Chocolate seemed an obvious choice, but as I headed to the ‘treats’ aisle I became overwhelmed. So many options; cookies and chocolate, popcorn chocolate, strawberry chocolate – is there anything they won’t try?!

Shunning the more ‘daring’ choices, I opted for a classic: milk chocolate. Through the bad times and the good, milk chocolate has always been there. It’s also one of the few types with a ‘basic range’ to offer.

The following were selected to test

  1. Premium brand
  2. Supermarket ‘own’ brand
  3. Basic range

When you’re shopping on a budget and looking for a cheeky treat, chocolate is a popular choice. Can you save some pennies by buying the cheaper option or is taste compromised? Let’s find out!

Our taste tester’s vision was restricted during the test to ensure we got the most accurate results possible.

Square of chocolate

Premium, supermarket or basic?

Subject A: Premium Milk Chocolate (£1.40)

Rory: Instantly recognisable, this is definitely the more expensive option!

Laura: This is the good stuff, straight out.

Rach: Hmm tastes like a certain brand of chocolate buttons but not as smooth as their other stuff.

James: I taste a milky smoothness associated with high end stuff, it sticks to the mouth but it’s still nice.

Peer: Tasty but it sticks to my mouth too much!

Subject B: Supermarket Chocolate (£1.02)

Rory: This is definitely the supermarket own brand!

Laura: Tastes like Christmas tree chocolate but not in a bad way!

Rach: This is vile! It tastes cheap and has a weird nutty after taste.

James: Not as mouth-melty or as smooth and milky. There’s a definite roughness to it along with a nutty taste.

Peer: I think this is probably my least favourite!

Subject C: Supermarket Saver Milk Chocolate (£0.30)

Rory: This tastes like calendar chocolate; it’s the cheapest of the cheap!

Laura: Horrible! It’s sticking to my mouth. No, just no!

Rach: Marginally better. I’d say this is the supermarket own brand.

James: Sticks to the mouth a lot, it is ok without being spectacular. Preferable to the 2nd option but not the 1st.

Peer: It might be controversial but this is actually my favourite!

The results are in

The high end choice is the general favourite – not surprising as it’s a smooth, milky chocolate treat! With that in mind though, it seems that if you’re looking for a chocolate fix to suit your weekly budget the basic range option might be just the ticket. At less than four times the price of the premium bar, it’s not without its charm!

I did have to crouch down to the bottom shelf to find it, we’re not adding crouch factor into this test though – are we?

Premium, supermarket or basic: what do you prefer?

No members of the MoneyAware team were harmed during the making of this blogpost.


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