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Don't leave that old denim collecting dust!

Don’t leave that old denim collecting dust!

As I write this, the sky is a particularly dreary shade of grey, and venturing outdoors sounds about as appealing as watching paint dry.

That said, I’m not ready to throw in the towel on the good ol’ British summer just yet, not with another bank holiday on the horizon.

So what do we have in store for you in this month’s line-up? It’s quite a mixed bag of topics, actually. From upcycling old denim to saving money on your jollies, there’s bound to be something here to everyone’s liking!

1. 20 new things you can make with old denim jeans (Wisebread)

Like a fine wine and a handful of Hollywood actors, denim can often improve with age. What’s more, unlike other materials it never goes out of fashion.

That said, many of us can find at least one trusty pair of jeans languishing in our wardrobe, mainly because we’ve struggled to pull them past our kneecaps since J.R Ewing took that bullet in Dallas. Find out how you can give that denim a new lease of life.

2. How can I save money on food when I’m never home? (Money Saving Mom)

It’s all very well preaching about thrifty food habits in the kitchen, but what if you’re hardly ever in the kitchen in the first place? You could have a demanding job or be constantly running from one errand to another. Don’t worry, Money Saving Mom’s got your back.

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3. 5 money-saving swaps for the newly frugal (Frugality Gal)

When it comes to living life more frugally, Rome really wasn’t built in a day. It takes patience and understanding, mainly with yourself than anyone else. Frugality Gal believes this too, and has put together a really helpful guide to ease you into those intrepid frugal waters.

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4. 75 uses for baking soda (Little House Life)

Humble baking soda has long proved a steady kitchen comrade to our mums, nans and great-nans. Running out of deodorant? Got sore feet? Want your fresh cut flowers to last longer? Find out how baking soda can cure all these woes over at Little House Living.

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5. 29 creative ways to spend less and save more (One Good Thing by Jillee)

At the risk of sounding like broken records, you’ll often find us saying that there are lots of ways to save money that might not even cross your mind. Jillee from One Good Thing believes this too. From getting a good night’s sleep to potty training your cat, you can find savings everywhere you look. Here’s 29 of them.

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6. How to make homemade ice cream (MoneyMagpie)

I don’t know about you guys, but just the idea of making ice cream from scratch seems the very definition of tedious.

For some reason, some genius decreed that ice cream machines need to cost an arm and a leg. Then, when you actually mix everything together you find yourself caught in a relentless loop of stirring and freezing that’s pretty much guaranteed to give you an unwelcome case of tennis elbow.

Thanks to this guide from MoneyMagpie however, you can treat yourself to homemade icy deliciousness without so much faff.

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7. How we increased our savings by $136 per month (Money Saving Mom)

After putting a 20% deposit down on a house, making a job change and mopping up the last of their student loans, it’s safe to say that Mr and Mrs Money Saving Mom were feeling the pinch. Find out how they steadily got themselves back in the black. Yep, they’re based in the US but don’t worry about that, their advice is universal.

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8. Six ways to make holiday cash go further (Skint in the City)

Whether it’s an all-inclusive 5-star getaway or a modest and marvellous staycation in Uncle Jim’s caravan, everyone could do with saving some holiday pennies. Our girl Skint has everything covered from buying the right suntan lotion to renting out your gaff while you’re away.

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9. 12 homemade cleaners (My Blessed Life)

Back in Nan’s day, all it took to give the house a spring-clean was to reach into the larder for the vinegar and baking soda (there it is again!). As our own Charlie B can attest, there’s been a resurgence in homemade all-natural products; they’re cheaper and kinder to the environment after all!

The good folk over at My Blessed Life have gone one step further, putting together a list of 12 ingenious homemade cleaning remedies that’ll have your abode absolutely spotless in no time.

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10. Staying home with your kids when you can barely afford it (The Humbled Homemaker)

Stay-at-home Mum Erin works tirelessly to live below her means wherever possible, and has had to make some tough decisions along the way to achieve this. One of the most valuable lessons she’s learned is to stretch every living cost as far as it will go, from living out of the pantry to furnishing the entire house from items bought on Craigslist. Read more of her inspiring story!

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That’s all for this month, folks! If you’ve seen any great money-articles about, please do share them in the comments. Tatty bye!

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