Get your free credit report this March!

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How to improve your credit rating after a DMP

Get your free credit file and budget better

What better time to start spring clean your finances than the first day of spring? 

We’ve found that until 31st March 2014 you can get your online credit report free of charge.

In an instant you can access to your full credit history and be on your way to a brighter financial future.


Why should I get my credit file?

As you know, we preach about budgets until we’re blue in the face! Living to an accurate budget is vital to controlling your finances. If you’re living like The Wolf of Wall Street without the pay packet to match, you need to build a practical budget you can use day-to-day.

Getting your credit file is vital to building a budget that works. It’ll clearly show:

  • All of your debts and the up-to-date balances
  • Old credit debts you were unaware of that could be racking up late payments or defaults
  • If you have a county court judgment (CCJ) that you need to respond to

You’ll then know exactly how much you owe and who to. You’ll have no debt skeletons in your money closet and be in a great position to build a robust and accurate budget.

Our online Debt Remedy advice tool can build a tailored budget for you and provide a personal action plan to clear your debts.

Quick tips to improve your credit score

Repaying debt or budgeting better are great reasons to check your credit file. Another is to correct mistakes that could be damaging your credit score and preventing you from getting good deals on borrowing. Here are some simple ways to boost your score:

  • Check you’re on the electoral register
  • Close any unused accounts
  • Correct errors in your address
  • Put your landline – not your mobile number – on credit applications
  • Look for fraudulent accounts
  • Check any mistakes have been corrected with a ‘notice of correction’

So how do I get my free credit file?

You’ve got to be quick. From now until 31st March Equifax is offering all visitors from the Money Advice Service website their online credit report free of charge, saving £2.

  • Visit the Equifax website
  • At the payment section enter the promotion code 4357 and click on ‘Apply Code’
  • No payment details need to be entered
  • You’ll then get a confirmation email and you can access your credit report online
  • If you have trouble you may be asked to call. If you do quote ‘Money Advice Service’

What if I’ve missed the boat?

If you’re reading this after 31st March 2014 you can still get a free online credit report. Noddle offer a free credit file for life – just register and view it for free. However, as we always caution, you’ll be shown adverts for credit when you visit that website. Don’t be tempted!

If you’d prefer your credit report to be sent to you in the post, Experian also offer one for £2.

Make today the day you take control of your finances by getting your free credit report. If there are any nasty surprises or you’d like free debt help use our online Debt Remedy advice tool or give us a call.

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  • I’m surprised the UK hasn’t mandated free access like the US has.

  • moneyaware

    Hi Holly,

    It should work as one of our colleagues has just tried it. Try again and contact them if it still isn’t working.


  • Ellen Richardson-Swann

    It lets me see my report but not my score, is this correct?

    • Hi there,

      Yes this is correct. The report shows you who you owe to and how much. Creditors use their own discretion when considering your application for credit.

      Best regards


    • moneyaware

      Hi Ellen, yes that sounds right.

  • Leon Perry

    code didnt work. 16th april

    • moneyaware

      Hi Leon,

      We’ve had people say this before – keep trying and if it still doesn’t work, get in touch with Equifax. If you tried it today it could be because we’ve passed the deadline.