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Who made our top ten this month?

Who made our top ten this month?

Seasons greetings, pop pickers! It’s not long now until ol’ Saint Nick pays us a visit, so I hope you’ve all made it on to the nice list this year (as for me…no comment!).

Christmas may be getting closer but there’s still time to exercise some festive frugality.

Check out this month’s top ten blogposts for a very holly jolly Christmas!

 1.         How to get cheap train tickets (A Thrifty Mrs)

Commuters up and down the country groaned in unison when they found out that we’re due another price hike for train tickets in the new year. If you’re worrying about how you’ll cover the costs, fret not! El over at A Thrifty Mrs has some great advice that’ll change your choo-choo-choon (sorry…).

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2.         7 magnificent ways to make money before Christmas (MoneyMagpie)

There really are loads of ways to make a quick couple of quid if you look around. Luckily, MoneyMagpie has a beady eye for such opportunities, and there are 7 of them to choose from.

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3.         Does more money always equal more? (Dumb Little Man)

The true definition of wealth has always been a subject of heated debate. Is it the quantity of cash in your purse or the quality of your life that defines a “wealthy” person? Jay White over at Dumb Little Man has his say.

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4.         5 more ways to save money on energy bills (Miss Thrifty)

The internet is full of tips on how to keep energy bills under control, and money-saving veteran Miss Thrifty has seen it all. Here she gives a brilliant cheat sheet on the absolute essential must-dos when it comes to taking control of those pesky utility bills.

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5.         Dispelling myths about portion size (Frugal Queen)

If you, like me, were brought up to clear your plate no matter what, then the subject of wasted food might be a bit of a sore point for you.

Frugal Queen has some tips to help us steer clear of the overeating pitfalls this Christmas and beyond.

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6.         10 ways to generate cash this winter (Discount Coder)

If you get paid your December wages just before Christmas you might have to contend with a six week long month on an amount that would usually last five weeks. It mightn’t sound like a big deal, but it is if you’re struggling with a Christmas financial hangover.

Katie and Jenny at DiscountCoder have put together a fantastic list of super-easy ways to save extra pennies. Best of all? These tips can be applied all year round, not just in winter.

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7.         The gratitude manifesto (Your Super Awesome Life)

Many motivational speakers say that the key to happiness and success in life is to have an ‘attitude of gratitude’. This is based on the belief that being thankful for what you have right now will mean that future achievements will seem all the more marvelous.

If one of your resolutions for 2014 is to be more positive, but it all seems a bit too ‘happy clappy’ and unattainable, Ashley over at Your Super Awesome Life can help you get your gratitude ducks in a neat little row.

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8.         How to make a Christmas candle lantern (Frugaldom)

If you got your deccies up a little too early this year and are bored of the baubles already, there’s no better excuse to add a fun and thrifty addition to the ensemble. Check out this great how-to from Frugaldom and make yourself an adorable Christmas candle lantern.

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9.         Have yourself a cheaper little Christmas – 8p Christmas pinwheel biscuits (A girl called Jack)

If you’re entertaining during the festive season, you’ll be wanting to serve up some tasty grub. Don’t go wild in the aisles buying expensive snacks that’ll just go stal on the kitchen counter. Rustle up these cheap as chips Christmas pinwheel biscuits instead, courtesy of A Girl Called Jack.

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10.       48 Christmas money-saving tips (


No cheap and cheerful Christmas blogpost list would be complete without a mention of our pals over at! Check out this brilliant line-up of tips to help you get a headstart on new year savings.

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And that’s your lot for 2013. Thanks as always for checking out our monthly top 10. See you same time next month, frugal friends! 🙂

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