Switch your energy provider NOW!

Fixed rate energy tariffs can freeze your bills until 2017

Time to save money on energy bills is running out

The energy grape vine is buzzing at the moment with talk a massive price hike could be just hours away.

Experts are urging people to beat the rush and switch utility providers now.

It’s estimated that as soon as Friday energy prices could jump by 8-9%, adding an extra £102 to the average yearly bill.

When price changes are announced household energy is likely to be headline news resulting in a rush of people looking to switch.

Is switching worth it? Well yes, there’s evidence to suggest most people will benefit – price comparison sites say the average saving for switching gas and electricity is £200 with one in 10 saving more than £400.

As you’ll probably agree any saving would be welcomed with many households struggling to manage the rising cost of running a home.

Fixed energy tariffs

One option is a fixed energy tariff which freezes your annual bill in a locked price. However you should check that fixed energy prices are a way for you to beat rising bills.

But beware money savers, this is where I’ll jump in and urge caution! Fixed energy deals are not for everyone. Usage and location are major factors in how much you’ll save, if anything.

Energy tariffs aside if you’re worried about money and want help use Debt Remedy our free online tool. You’ll get a personal action plan with clear advice to deal with your situation.

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