4 simple steps to getting an outfit on a budget

Recently Ruchanne joined us while on work experience with StepChange Debt Charity. She wrote this article on her favourite subject: buying clothes on the cheap!

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You don’t have to break the bank to stay on-trend

I know finding an outfit for a night-out, or out for a meal, can be quite tricky if you want to get it on a low budget.

Well, I’m in the MoneyAware office for the day on work experience, and I’ve been set a challenge to find an outfit online for £50 or under. Here are 4 simple steps to finding an outfit on a budget.


You should always set yourself a spending limit. If you don’t you’ll spend a shocking amount if you just shop and shop and don’t have a budget. The summer sales will be a big help to finding the perfect outfit without breaking the bank. Find out more about budgeting.

2. Shop around

The thing that I used to do that was quite bad was to go in the first shop that I came to and if something caught my eye, I would buy it straightaway. I never realised that it might have been expensive compared to maybe other shops!

Instead, ask the shop to save the item(s) and then go around other stores and compare the prices. You might find yourself saving quite a bit of money. The three websites that I found very useful for summer sales were boohoo.com, garageshoes and missguided.co.uk. But remember to keep to your budget!

3. Take advantage of the sales

SUMMER SALES! Who doesn’t love these? If you’re shopping on the web make sure you look at the summer sales first! Prices go down by so much you will be surprised at how much money you’ll save.

When you’re in town (wherever that may be) make sure you look at the sale items before you look at the full price ones, you’ll be very happy at how much you could save.
It is good to look for things like clothes, bags and shoes in the sales as they go down in price quite a bit.

I found a cut out, bow back magenta mixi dress for £12.00! You are saving £8.00 that could go towards your meal or a drink for you and your friends. (For those that don’t know what a ‘mixi dress’ is, it’s split between a maxi dress and a midi dress – maxi dress length, then short at the front – midi dress length.)

I also found a pair of black suedette studded wedge boots for £22.00. Before the sale they were £35.00, saving you £13.00, which is also a lot that can be put towards the drink, or the meal!

4. Accessories on the cheap

Finally to top off your outfit get some cheap but nice accessories from websites like eBay or maybe Amazon.

But do you know what’s even better and way cheaper than getting it off eBay or Amazon? Ask your family and friends if you can borrow their necklace, bracelet or ring. You can top off your outfit without spending a penny!

But I think that the most important thing is not to spend too much, and if you can save for a rainy day instead that can be the best thing to do. You don’t have buy things in the sale just to spend money!


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