12 tasty tweeters making meals cheap and cheerful

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Who's your favourite tasty tweeter? (photo courtesy of Chilli Sage and Lemon)

Who’s your favourite tasty tweeter? (photo courtesy of Chilli Sage and Lemon)

We’re a foodie bunch here at MoneyAware, and we love a bargain.

Over the past few weeks we’ve been seeking out some thrifty and yummy recipes to share with our Twitter followers.

If you’re stuck on an idea for ‘cheap scran’, then our list of tasty tweeters should get the cogs turning and your belly rumbling. Time to put the oven on!

Chilli Sage and Lemon

Our mouths water without fail whenever we go to check out the latest recipe from the good folks at Chilli Sage and Lemon. There’s a thrifty dinner idea here to suit every palette. Jess there also puts the prices next to each ingredient and shares her meal plans for the weeks ahead, to save you a few bob.

Our favourite foody post from Jess and Dave: Her sausage casserole recipe that can turn a six-pack of bangers into a meal for four at just £1.08 a portion – bargain!

Follow them on Twitter @ChilliSageLemon

Golightly Gardens

Ah, Penny. As the host of PennyGolightly.com, she’s one of our best Frugal Friends and we never get bored of her thrifty shenanigans. Her new blog Golightly Gardens tells you all you need to know about growing veggies from scratch and turning them into super-saver meals.

Our favourite foody post from Penny: Take the ‘blech!’ out of broccoli with this simple mustard dressing recipe.

Follow her on Twitter @PennyGolightly and @ GolightlyGarden

Feeding Boys and a Firefighter

Busy mum and freelance food writer Katie Bryson certainly knows a thing or two about feeding her family on the cheap. Not only does she keep costs down to a minimum, but most of her recipes are nice and easy time-savers for frazzled mums and dads everywhere!

Our favourite foody post from Katie: a quick and easy coconut Quorn curry recipe for when your veggie friend or family member needs feeding.

Follow her on Twitter @CookingKT

Miss Thrifty

While fashion finds and eye-watering discounts tend to be this brilliant blogger’s gig, she does have some great suggestions for whipping up something tasty on the cheap.

Our favourite foody post from Miss Thrifty: Her lovely spice cake recipe courtesy of Grandma Thrifty.

Follow her on Twitter @Miss_Thrifty

Discount Coder

We love Katie and Jenny for their sense of humour as well as the way they help people save money in all aspects of life. Pop over to the food and drink section of the DiscountCoder blog for some great tips on how you can make dinner cheaper for everyone, even the dog.

Our favourite foody post from Katie and Jenny: Eat less, waste less, save money on food…I think we found ourselves a new mantra!

Follow Jenny on Twitter @DiscountCoder

A Girl Called Jack

The Independent hit the nail on the head when they said this about thrifty food blogger Jack Monroe: “While her ingredients may come from the value range, that doesn’t mean that her food can’t be haute cuisine”. Jack knows that you can live frugally and still enjoy the finer things in life, and we couldn’t agree more!

Our favourite foody post from Jack: This beautiful chickpea, tomato and rosemary best brunch loaf that costs just 10p a portion to make.

Follow her on Twitter @MsJackMonroe

Diary of a Frugal Family

Frugal mum Cass has a wealth of great ideas when it comes to filling rumbly tummies on a budget. If you need some inspiration check out the favourite recipe section of her blog. From savoury to sweet, there’s bound to be something here to tickle everyone’s taste buds.

Our favourite foody post by Cass: Nutella pasties – so easy and super yummy!

Follow her on Twitter at: @FrugalFamily


Despite what mum and dad might say, no one knows how students can eat well on a budget better than students themselves. Here you’ll find the biggest recipe database written by thrifty students for thrifty students.

Our favourite foody post on StudentRecipes.com: this easy-peasy potato salad recipe, one of their most popular of all time!

Follow them on Twitter @StudentRecipes

Fast Day Food

Our very own Claire Rose runs a fab frugal food blog that not only saves you money but also calories too.

Our favourite foody post by Claire: These chilli and garlic mushrooms are not only a cinch to prepare but weigh in at a svelte 41 calories per serving.

Follow her on Twitter @RoseyMacdoo

The High Tea Cast

Who says a frugal life can’t have a touch of class? The stylish scribes at The High Tea Cast have some great ideas for culinary delights while watching your wallet:

Our favourite foody post by The High Tea Cast:  these delightfully crispy sweetcorn fritters will make a great addition to your thrifty picnic.

Follow them on Twitter @TheHighTeaCast

Living a Frugal Life

Melissa started her frugal journey at the age of 8 when she meticulously saved the pocket money from her grandma. Now as a busy mum of four, she wants to share all her thrifty kitchen know-how with you.

Our favourite foody post from Melissa: This delectable cherry cobbler cake recipe which goes great with single or double cream straight from the fridge.

Follow her on Twitter @Liveafrugallife

Mummy Mishaps

Self-confessed ‘clumsy mumsy’ Jenny has 5 years’ experience of running her own café in Devon, so she certainly knows what she’s talking about when it comes to eating well on the cheap. She even knows how to make homemade playdough – amazing!

Our favourite foody post from Jenny: Take a chocolate orange. Make it into a cupcake. What more needs to be said?

Follow her on Twitter @JennyPaulin

And there you have it…12 tasty reasons to get into the kitchen and cook up something cheap, cheerful and delicious!

Do you have any thrifty recipes or tasty bloggers to share? Tell us about it in the comments.

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