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Making a step change

If you’ve called us recently, or are a client, you may have been made aware that something new and exciting is happening at the charity.

We’ve been bursting to tell you all about it for months. Finally, today, we can.

On November 5th we’re changing our name to StepChange Debt Charity.

Even though we help over 1,000 people a day with their debt problems, and are the UK’s largest single provider of debt management plans, we need to reach out to many more people.

Over 6.2 million households in the UK are financially vulnerable; 3.2 million are three months behind with a repayment or subject to debt action like insolvency. Millions need our help.

All of these issues, facing UK citizens right now, are behind our decision to take a step forward. We want to raise awareness of our services and stand apart from every other organisation that offers debt advice.

Remember remember the 5th of November!

So as the Catherine wheels spin and rockets roar into the sky, our celebrations will also be going off with a bang. As StepChange Debt Charity we’ll still be bringing you the same excellent debt advice, but with a commitment to help more people than ever before.

We want you to know straight away what we can do for you. Just like we’ve always done we’ll offer tailor-made solutions that are as unique as your situation. We’re about plain English, no-jargon advice and solutions. We’re about honesty, about clarity, about you.

And throughout the next ten days, as we approach #ourbigday we’ll be adding photos, tweets, Facebook updates and more to this thread to keep you updated with what we’re doing. So you can watch our rebrand, behind the scenes, as it happens!

What are your thoughts on our new name? Let us know via a comment below, or on Twitter or Facebook.

At StepChange Debt Charity we want you to be free of debt and save money.

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  • Alan Stuart

    Good name for a shoe shop.

    • Hi Alan,

      Thanks for posting. We’ve no plans to sell shoes just yet!

    • Simon

      I think StepChange have been ShortChanged.

      They should have set up a name competition where clients could enter, the winning name could have had money towards their debts…

  • Ben

    Do I need to change my Stepmum and Stepsister to access your service? Or my doorstep?!

  • James

    I’m disappointed that you felt there was a need to rebrand. CCCS “did exactly what it said on the tin” (if you’ll excuse the cliché!). Step Change isn’t a great name. I just hope you didn’t waste too much money on the rebranding exercise!

    • Hi James,

      We chose to change because we want our name to be more memorable so we can reach out to more people who are struggling with debt problems and let them know we are here to help.

      Thanks for your comment!

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  • Joan

    Sorry but I don’t like it, am not sure what it’s meant to indicate but it certainly doesn’t jump out with a message in the name.

    Am also disappointed that as one of your clients, we haven’t received a letter about this and I have actually spoken to CCCS twice in the last to days and there was nothing mentioned in either call about the change, except a brief message at the start of the call to indicate a soon to happen change in phone number.

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  • Heather

    I received a letter re the rebranding this morning. I’m really disappointed, CCCS did exactly what it said. Step change sounds like a cheap dance school! I’m not sure where you got your consumer feedback from, but I think the new name trivialises a serious matter and its negatively affected my opinion of the charity.

  • Jill

    I like the name and I think it will be easier to say and remember, Good luck with the change 🙂 Heather, how can it change your opinion of the charity? They are still the same helpful people doing the same job. We would be in a real mess without them.

  • Heather

    Jill, it has changed my opinion because the name
    Just doesn’t seem serious, it just sounds like any of the other companies that actually charge a fortune for the services that are offered by this charity for free. Why align yourself with the kind of companies that trade on people’s problems?

    • Colin

      I don’t understand how they are aligning themselves with debt management companies when the name is “Step Change Debt CHARITY”

  • Stephen

    I kind of have mixed views on the new name and I do appreciate that the quality of service will improve from already a 10/10 service but I do wonder if people will not get the idea of ‘Step Change’ in that these are two positive action words. Should it have been ‘Change Debt’ or ‘Manage your debt’ but I guess the problem is having a name that is different to others debt services. CCCS had a unique name like ‘Citizens Advice’ but did the old name help to focus on the positive action one needs to make in making, shall we say a ‘Step Change’ in debt management? Than answer would be no. If this is the aim of ‘Step Change’ in helping people to act on their debt quickly then this will be a good thing for all concerned.

  • Andrew

    Personally I think the new name is more memorable and has more impact. The “step change” has a clear meaning in the English language and “step change” is clearly what the organisation wants to make. Hopefully its clients aspire to this too.

    Of course in the end actions matter more than words.

    Best wishes to Step Change and its clients.

  • Cebe

    I was told that you had changed your name to Step Change and had to look at two management companies and a helicopter safety site before I got to you. Very confusing.