Reclaiming PPI for free works!

Update: We tweeted about our team’s success in reclaiming PPI for free and it looks like a MoneyAware reader had PPI success too…

A few weeks ago we told our clients that if they want to reclaim mis-sold PPI they should use the free tools and template letters available on and Which? rather than expensive claims management companies.

However we like to practice what we preach here at MoneyAware so recently one of the team remembered a loan which he thought included PPI.

Our colleague followed the advice on how to reclaim mis-sold PPI for free and lo and behold, six weeks later he received the following letter…

Reclaim ppi for free letter

PPI reclaim letter from bank (click to view full sized image)

Reclaiming mis-sold PPI for free works. We hope that if you want to reclaim you follow our PPI guidance and claim for free.

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