On a DMP with us? When to call StepChange

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It’s good to talk

We’re happy to hear from you at any time about any query.

However, you might find yourself in difficult circumstances and it’s at these times that we’d prefer that you call us as soon as possible.

Don’t worry, we don’t bite, so give us a call today if you’re experiencing one of these five issues…

I can’t make a payment

A debt management plan (DMP) is sometimes a long term commitment.  Our job is to make sure you’re debt free as soon as you can be and missing a lot of payments will impact your DMP. However, we know that life’s little problems can get in the way!

If the ‘big end’ on your car has genuinely gone we can usually sort out an arrangement to keep you on the road to a successful DMP conclusion.

I received some CCJ forms in the post

UPDATE October 2017: The rules around creditors sending court forms have changed. You should now receive a ‘letter of claim’ before any court action. Read more about the new Pre-Action Protocol for Debt Claims.

If you get any sort of court paperwork from your creditors or their representatives it’s vital that you call us immediately so that we can assist you in completing the paperwork and returning it to the correct party.

Court paperwork could include county court judgments (CCJs), charging orders or other forms of official correspondence.

It’s very important that you call us as the time frames in replying to court correspondence can be quite small. Don’t make the mistake of posting the forms into us; it’ll all be too late!

When you call us we’ll be able to assist you in filling in the forms and explaining the process as well as offering our full support.

My bills have gone up!

You might start to struggle and maintain your debt management payment but we don’t want you living at near poverty level to maintain your DMP, and neither do your creditors. It’s common knowledge that things are getting more and more expensive for everyone at the moment.

If you’re eating beans on toast for the third time this week in an effort to afford your bus fare to work you might want to give us a call so we can look at your budget.

My bills have gone down and my wage has gone up

As above, we’d like you to call when you’re struggling but we’d also like you to call when bills are cut and/or your income rises.

We will do annual reviews and we don’t want you to wait until the review if you can pay more money towards clearing your debt quicker. We can always adjust your budget for new costs if your circumstances have changed.

Remember that if you’re trying to pay off your debt any extra income will help you become debt free quicker!

I’ve taken on more credit

If you’re struggling you definitely need to call us, especially if you’re thinking of taking on more credit to help you get through.

Taking on any sort of extra credit will only make your situation worse. We’ll be able to offer sound advice that’ll keep your DMP on track and help you get debt free.

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