There’s a knock at the door…

Knock knock at the door

It’s a normal Tuesday evening; rush from work to pick the kids up from school. Make sure they’re washed, clothed and fed, and then tuck them in to bed.

And breathe; it’s time for a little ‘me’ time. But then there’s the dusting, washing, ironing and not to mention the dreaded finances that need organising…

The unpaid council tax reminder has sat on the kitchen table for a few months now. There have been other brown envelopes dropping through the letterbox for a few weeks too, but the thought of dealing with them is just far too daunting so they’re left unopened, piled under junk mail and magazines.

A couple more weeks have passed – you simply don’t have the spare money to pay it so there’s no point in calling them to tell them what they don’t want to hear. The money you were paid for overtime last month went straight on the credit card bills from Christmas and this month the hours just haven’t been available to take.

Last time the credit card payment was late, they were on the phone like a shot, demanding the money ‘or else…’ Surely paying this on time will at least prevent the embarrassment of an enforcement agent (bailiff) at the door?

But wait, there’s a loud knock.

Pretend there’s no one at home? Or is it best to answer it?

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