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Rory Marshall joined the MoneyAware team in July 2014 after working for our Web Helpline as a debt advisor. In his spare time Rory is a self-confessed technology geek and spends far too much of his spare time on his phone.

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Debt and money news – September 2016

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This month saw the introduction of a new plastic £5 note, changes to TV licensing laws and a payday lender ordered to refund £34m back to thousands of its customers.

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Payday lender refunds & writes off £34m

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This week the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) announced that the payday lender CFO Lending has been ordered to pay a £34m ‘redress’ package to 97,000 of its customers.

The announcement came after the FCA found a number of poor practices at the firm, dating back to 2009, that had caused detriment for many of their customers.

CFO Lending were also known as as Flexible First, Payday First, Money Resolve, Paycfo, Payday Advance and Payday Credit. Continue reading »


July’s money and debt news

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It’s been over a month since the Brexit vote, and we’ve been busy looking at how it could affect your finances if you’re in debt

July has also seen increases to the cost of bankruptcy  in England and Wales, Universal Credit being pushed back, and the release of our latest report, looking into which organisations are the most unfair when dealing with people with debt problems.

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May’s debt and money news

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This month we’ve been keeping an eye out on the latest scams, with reports of people getting suspicious-looking emails about Council Tax arrears.

Search giant Google has taken the decision to ban payday loan adverts from its search results, and do you know exactly what’s in your bank account? According to a report, two thirds of us are happy to remain blissfully unaware! It’s all here in May’s debt and money news.

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11 ways to save money on your mobile

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Making savings on your existing phone contract can help you save money and stop nasty bill shocks. Thankfully these days there are so many options available, but where do you start?

Whether you’re coming to the end of your contract, locked into a deal or looking to switch providers, we’ve got 11 top tips to save money on your mobile bill.

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5 of the most commonly asked DMP questions this year

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Whether it’s reviewing payments, changes to your circumstances or helping with letters and forms, our dedicated team of advisors are here to help you manage your DMP.

We were curious to find out what the most commonly asked DMP questions were in 2015. Who better to ask than the advisors themselves? Take it away, guys!

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Debt and money news – December 2015

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Do you read the small print when taking out financial products? A report has found that it’s costing us all £428 each year. Remember when smart energy meters were set to make our lives easier? Apparently they could leave us worse off.

Don’t worry though – it’s not all doom and gloom. The drop in oil prices has sparked a petrol price war at the pumps, set to continue into the New Year. We’ve also got the best free ways to track Santa as he delivers presents around the world this Christmas, and news of a new phone scam affecting Brits. Time to find out more…

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