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Pavan Gata-Aura is a qualified debt advisor with 6 years of experience. She enjoys spending time with her two children, fundraising for charities, has spent time volunteering in Africa and takes part in organised races.

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8 practical ways to teach your kids about money

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Teaching them money-smarts today will pay off with dividends tomorrow!

Teaching them money-smarts today will pay dividends tomorrow!

There are things we all wish we knew when we were younger.

In hindsight maybe we should’ve paid that student overdraft back a lot quicker – or not taken it in the first place? And why didn’t anyone explain to me that the discount for opening a high street store card didn’t outweigh the amount of interest I’d pay over the months it took me to repay it?!

Looking back it all seems obvious now. Money management is one of life’s most valuable lessons, so let’s use our experiences and teach our kids at a young age so they don’t make the same mistakes.

Last month we asked you on Facebook for your best money tips for the kids. Here are some fun ideas to help you get started…

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10 incredibly easy ways to cut your family’s supermarket spend

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It's definitely easier to shop without the kids!

It’s definitely easier to shop without the kids!

As a working mum to an active 18-month-old and another on the way, time is precious. When it comes to food shopping, the need to be organised and plan ahead is vital, not only for the health and wellbeing of my little one but also the health of my bank balance!

So how can we all spend less on food while still producing yummy meals? Well, it’ll take some organisation and practice, but trust me…if I can do it, anyone can! Continue reading »


What help can I get towards my childcare costs?

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They're totally worth it!

They’re totally worth it!

The big events in life keep getting more and more expensive. Owning a house, getting married, travelling the world, having kids, even learning to drive and owning a car is becoming too expensive.

Most people would consider a house to be the biggest expense you’ll ever have, but recent figures have shown that childcare costs are similar to the average annual UK mortgage payment (which was estimated at £7,207 in 2012).

This, along with the statistic that it costs an average of £227,000 to raise a child could be enough to put anyone off having kids…but as we all know, it doesn’t! Continue reading »


How can I reduce my childcare costs?

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Choose the right childcare for you and your child

Choose the right childcare for you and your child

There are so many options out there when it comes to childcare.

Having recently been through the turmoil of entrusting the most precious thing in my life into the hands of relative strangers, I totally empathise with anyone having to do the same!

No matter what you choose, it’s important that you plan early. There may be waiting times if your area is oversubscribed so thinking ahead will help to ensure that you’re not forced into making a decision. Continue reading »


Look swish on a budget!

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Someone's been busy swishing!

Someone’s been busy swishing!

There’s a great way to keep fashionable and save your pennies at the same time. It’s been around a few years but the term ‘swishing’ still isn’t that commonly known.

So what on earth is swishing?

This was the very same question I asked myself when looking at ways to save money while remaining fashionable and on trend, during London Fashion Week. Continue reading »


To debt consolidate or not to debt consolidate?

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CCCS debt consolidation family

Investigate consolidating your debts first

Do these sound familiar?

‘Clear all your debts today with one easy monthly payment’
‘Fast pay out, whatever your credit history’
‘We like to say yes’
‘Apply online now for a quick decision’

These are just some of the tempting offers that we see daily, inviting us to look at consolidating all our debts into one easy payment. But should you consolidate your debts? What are the pros and the cons?

We often get questions about what is the best way to consolidate debts or how to go about it. We don’t tend to recommend it as we think that consolidation is rarely the best option.

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Your debt help checklist: 4 steps you can take now towards a debt free future

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Steps to get out of debt

Take action to deal with your debts

We always recommend that you seek free and impartial advice before deciding on which debt solution is best for you but what documentation do you need to gather before you phone 0800 138 1111 (Free from all landlines and mobiles) for help? Here’s your essential checklist of actions to help you prepare for when you contact us. Continue reading »