Template letters and court forms

If you’re struggling with debt repayments it’s important that you get free and impartial advice on your options.

You can visit our online debt advice service Debt Remedy at any time of day or night to help you find a solution to your debt problem quickly or if you’d prefer to speak to someone, call our Helpline on 0800 138 1111 (Free from all landlines and mobiles). We’re open Monday to Friday 8am – 8pm and Saturdays 8am – 4pm.

Once we’ve taken you through all your options there may be instances that you need to write to your creditors. To help you we’ve compiled a list of our most used template letters.

Here are our template letters including reasons you might need to use them.

We also have a handy list of court forms that you can print out and use so you don’t have to go anywhere else to find them. Get in touch with us if you need help with completing the forms.

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  • Louise Angela Parsons

    Debt collectors, I have been paying a debt collection agency for a number of years for a debt I believe was with lloyd bank for a loan I took out in 1990,recently I asked for a balance, and to my surprise I still owe over £600 ;the loan I originally took out was only for £2000:00 ;I will admit I was ill for a time with mental health and didn’t make any payments but as soon as I as back on my feet I continued to pay.I have sent a request to the debt collectors asking for a copy of the agreement so I can see the amount I owe, They have written back saying the debt is too old and they don’t have the agreement. Can you advise me what to do because I don’t mine paying but I believe I have more than paid the debt .

    • moneyaware

      Hi Louise,

      If you think you’ve paid enough to have repaid this debt (including interest) then I’d suggest requesting a statement that shows your payments. This should show how they’ve arrived at their current balance.

      If any payments are missing or additional charges seem unfair then you can raise a complaint and point out the specific areas you’re contesting.

      If you make a complaint to the company about any of their charges or how they’ve handled your account they’ll have to investigate and give you their repsonse. If you’re unhappy with their response then you can pass the complaint to the Financial Ombudsman to investigate and they’ll be able to make a decision on what should happen.

      I hope this helps.


      • Louise Angela Parsons

        Hi thank you for your quick response, I have done this and all they have sent me is a a4 piece of paper with my payments on.It doesn’t show the orginal details of the debt or any interest.Can I request a copy of the original agreement with my signature on to show what I am paying for, or is this not possible because I have been paying anyway for along time without questioning what I was paying for.Sorry to ask so many questions. Regards louise

      • moneyaware

        Hi Louise,

        No problem about the questions, that’s what we’re here for.

        You’ve got a right under Section 77-79 of the Consumer Credit Act (CCA) 1974 to request a see a “true copy” of the original agreement and a full breakdown of interest and charges from the start of the account.

        They don’t have to show you the actual paperwork you signed for it to be classed as a true copy, it just needs to contain the same information as the original agreement.

        If the company continues to say they can’t send you this information then you can make a complaint to them. Then, if they still can’t give you the information you’ve asked for you could involve the Financial Ombudsman.

        All the best.


  • Andrea Baulf

    Hello. I have had someone staying at my address (which I rent as a tenant) on a temporary basis until he found another place to live. He changed the address with his bank to my address in September last year. Then a few weeks later he lost his job. A letter from his bank indicated that he had run up debt exceeding his overdraft facilty of £200 by a further £550 odd. In addition he owes approximately £480 on a credit card. The bank had written to him demanding that he contact them to make arrangements to pay the debt by the end of April 2015 to bring his account back into the arranged overdraft area by then, failing which they indicated that they would pass the debt to a debt collection agency. This person recently moved out to return to his home country leaving the debt unsettled. I am concerned that debt collection agents to whom the bank will pass the debt to, will send baliffs to my house. He has not given a forwarding address UK or home country to the bank. Please advise if the contents of my home or my assets at risk if Bailiffs are sent by the debt collection agent. The debt has nothing to do with me.

    • moneyaware

      Hi Andrea,

      Thanks for your message.

      If the debts are not in your name, then you’re not liable or at risk of any further action. Simply inform the creditors that the person has moved and you’re unsure of their new address, or pop any of the letters back in the post as mark as not known at your address.

      It’s also a common myth that someone else’s poor credit history can affect you if you live at the same address. This is not true and hasn’t been for a number of years.

      Debt collection agencies are also not bailiffs and have no further legal powers than the original creditor, but again this isn’t something you should worry about as the debts are not in your name.

      I also have my own personal experience of a similar situation to yours. I found that by sending the letters back and notifying creditors that the previous occupant had moved helped with the number of letters I received and eventually they stopped altogether.

      I hope this helps,


      • Andrea Baulf

        Hi Rory. Thank you so much. It has and I will do as you suggest. It has given me piece of mind. Again Many Many thanks.

  • Sally Bell

    Hi I have refused to pay my management fees as I feel they don’t do anything they promised. They took me to court and I lost 🙁 I applied to pay them £5 per month but they refused ( I owe 1200 in court costs ) What can I do now, I have a debt management plan with Stepchange and I will struggle but could possibly pay £20 per month. Can I go back to the court and offer more ? If so what form would I use ? Any help will be greatly appreciated, I suffer with mental health problems and I am also disabled so I am not working.

    • moneyaware

      Hi Sally,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      I’m sorry to hear you have to deal with this at the moment.

      When we put together a debt management plan we take into account your current budget, debts and outgoings to make sure your payments suit you. As your situation has changed since we last spoke to you, please get in touch with us so we can make sure your situation is up to date. You can give us a call on 08442 643 643.

      When you call, the advisor will also be able to advise you on how you can deal with the court costs, the process you should follow and what options are available to you.

      I hope this helps but if you’ve got any more questions please let us know.


  • Mo

    Hi. My mum lives in a council house and about 10 years ago the council has charged her an overpayment of 15000 because they said she did not tell them that her son (my brother) was living with her. He never lived with her but had his letters addressed to this house. A court has ordered that the money should be paid to the council through the rent. she did try to keep up with the payment and reduced from 15000 to about 11000 with help of relatives. Now that this help is no longer available to her, She can hardly afford to pay her basic living and so called “bedroom tax”. She is not well and having these threatening letters every week, is making life miserable for her and for us. she is on benefits and she is near retirement age and the question I am asking is “is there any help she can get”?. Many thanks..

    • moneyaware

      Hi Mo,

      It’s hard to say what options your mum has without knowing more about her situation. I’d suggest giving her our contact number to call for in depth debt advice: http://www.stepchange.org/Contactus.aspx

      There might not be loads of options available but it sounds like it’s worth exploring all the possible options. Even if it’s just trying to reduce the contact she’s receiving due to the impact upon her health.

      Kind regards


      • Mo

        Hi James. We will be in touch with you soon.


  • Deb

    Hi, my mum has recently been diagnosed with terminal kidney cancer. She now does not work and lives with me and my family (daughter). She does not have an estate when she dies. She’s got an outstanding debt of about 1500 to a catalogue company and is struggling to pay this. Does anyone know if they will accept a reduced fixed monthly payment?

    • moneyaware

      Hi there Deb, thank you for getting in touch.

      I’m terribly sorry to hear of your mum’s diagnosis. Hopefully we
      can provide some support to make things a bit easier to deal with.

      As your mum doesn’t have an estate, and the debt is in her name only, it will no longer be enforceable in the event of her passing. You will not be made liable for any debts your mother may owe and no further payments can be enforced so long
      as they’re in her name only (if for instance, she had a joint unsecured loan, then the co-signer would then become liable for the whole balance). You can read more about what happens to a person’s debts once they pass away here: http://moneyaware.co.uk/2012/07/what-happens-to-my-debts-if-i-die/

      If she is struggling to make payments in the meantime, it might
      be a good idea for her to get some free and confidential debt advice from us. We can help her put together a budget to show what kind of payment she can realistically afford once all her living costs are covered.

      Our online advice tool Debt Remedy can help her put together a
      budget and action plan in just 20 minutes: http://www.stepchange.org/Debtremedy.aspx

      We also have a team of advisors who are more than happy to put
      your mum’s budget together and provide any advice she might need over the telephone. Visit our contact us page for more information: http://www.stepchange.org/Contactus.aspx

      Kind regards


  • Ella

    I have about 6 non priority debts that mainly consist of old payday loans. I did have one from wonga but they have wiped this debt as it was mis sold to me. I took the other payday loans out at a similar time, should i contact them in regards to this to see if i was mis sold by them aswell?

    • moneyaware

      Hi Ella,

      If you do believe you were mis-sold a loan it might be worth getting
      in touch with the creditor to discuss this with them.

      They should be able to offer you further advice.

      Kind regards,


  • TJ

    Hi, I have received a ccj for an outstanding vets bill. I made an offer to the company ages ago explaining to them that as I am currently on benefits and have very limited income I could only offer them a minimum payment of 10 pounds per month but if I could afford more at anytime I would pay over that and that as soon as my circumstances changed I would increase payments or pay the whole outstanding amount. They refused my offer. I then received some forms through the door from the courts asking me to fill in an income and outgoings form and that if I agreed to the the debt to return paperwork to the company or else return paperwork along with defence to the court within a set amount of time (think 14 days). I did this and again made exactly the same offer and also a covering letter explaining that I obviously understood why they were reluctant to accept the 10 pound offer but that I would increase as and when and that also if I received a ccj (against my up until now unblemished credit history) it would make it impossible for me to obtain a loan to maybe pay off the debt in future when I did again become employed. They wrote back accepting my offer and I assumed that was that until I received an official court stamped CCJ. It has completely stuffed me up for any credit now. Is this correct that they could have or should have done this when I had already made the offer months ago which they initially refused but now accepted? Tina

    • moneyaware

      Hi TJ,

      Thanks for your message and I’m sorry for the delay in getting back to you.

      If you returned the court paperwork to admit you owe the debt, give more information about your financial situation and offer a payment amount, this is likely to have been seen as you accepting the CCJ. If this is the case then it would make it much harder for you to now dispute it.

      I can understand that it might be frustrating for you if you’d already made the offer to them before it went to court, but if you defaulted on the debt then your creditor has the right to take this course of action. From the creditor’s perspective a CCJ offers them more protection, as if you don’t keep up with the repayments they can take further action to recover it.

      I also appreciate your concerns about the impact this could have on your credit file. If you pay the CCJ within a month of the judgment, you can apply for the CCJ to be removed from your credit file. I understand this is not something everyone is able to do, but it’s worth bearing in mind. You can read a bit more about CCJs here: http://www.stepchange.org/Debtinformationandadvice/Whatyourcreditorscando/Courtaction/EnglandWalescourtaction/CCJ.aspx

      If you’re worried about the impact paying the CCJ will have on your financial situation, this is something we can help with. We can have a chat with you about your finances in more detail and recommend how we can best support you. We offer free and impartial advice and a range of debt solutions which you can read about here: http://www.stepchange.org/Howwecanhelpyou.aspx Should you need them, our contact details are here: http://www.stepchange.org/Contactus.aspx

      Kind regards,


  • Bryan Chellen

    Hi, I have received a County Court Claim from a debt collection agency for a debt I had with BarclayCard in 2009. The debt has been passed on from one agency to another and now this agency is claiming interest on top of the debt.
    I am now working and repaying debts I owed from 2009 and I want to repay my debt only and no interest since I never had any agreement with them.
    Can you please advise me if this is possible and what I should do?


    • moneyaware

      Hi Bryan,

      If you accept some of the debt but want to dispute the rest it is possible to do this with the court forms you’ve received.

      However, you’ll need to make a strong case for why you shouldn’t be charged interest on this debt as it’s likely your original agreement with Barclaycard will have allowed for this.

      There’s more information about CCJs available on our website: https://www.stepchange.org/debt-info/ccj/court-claim-form-process.aspx.

      Kind regards