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MoneyAware is part of StepChange Debt Charity, the UK’s leading debt help charity.

Each year our free debt advice helps over 500,000 people. The charity has helped millions of people in the UK by providing advice on personal budgeting, advice on the wise use of credit and, where appropriate, managing achievable plans to repay debts.

We offer free advice online, through the StepChange Debt Charity website, and have a team of expert debt advisors offering support over the phone on our Helpline.

However we know that many people wait up to a year before getting advice. For many of our clients identifying that they have a debt problem isn’t always easy. So how do you know when you need help with your finances?

Do you have a debt problem?

There can be lots of underlying reasons behind debt problems. However we’ve identified five of the main debt danger signs, as reported by our clients and from additional research from the University of Bristol, that are strong indicators that you may need help with your finances.

So if you think you might have a problem with debt, our quick test will let you know if you’re showing one or more of the danger signs that we’ve identified.

The danger signs of debt test takes around 60 seconds to complete and will ask you five simple questions about your financial situation.

Based on your test results, you’ll receive advice on what your next steps should be to help deal with any problems with your finances. And if you do have a debt problem, don’t worry, you’re in the right place. We can help you deal with it and we’ll offer you free advice and support along the way.

  • Thilini Anjalo

    i am sri lankan, i have debt $300000.00,i did business ,lost all things,but now i must pay money to financial company, please help

    • moneyaware

      Hi Thilini,

      Thank you for your message. I’m sorry to hear about your situation.

      We’re a UK based debt advice charity so we can only offer advice if you took out your debts in the UK.

      If you have UK debts and are worried about how you’ll deal with them, please give our Helpline a call:

      Kind regards,