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10 ways to treat mum this Mother’s Day

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Mum, mam, mother, ma. Whatever you call her, you don’t need to spend lots of money on Mother’s Day to show her you care.

Mums aren’t always into pricey things. In fact, if you go all out with your spending they may worry about how much money you’ve spent. That’s what they’re like.

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Black Friday – Waste of time or useful way to save cash?

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Black Friday has a bad reputation for scuffles and unpleasantness, but it’s meant to be an annual shopping event to help people “save money”. It’s something UK retailers have imported from America, falling on the Friday after the Thanksgiving holiday in the US. But what we want to know is this: Is it worthwhile?

Like other American exports, such as David Hasselhoff, Halloween and going to see “movies” instead of “films”, Black Friday has had a mixed reaction as it’s crept into our national consciousness.

We’re divided in the MoneyAware team – Rory argues against it and James makes the case in favour.

But do you think it’s a waste of time or a good way to save money? Add your thoughts to the comments section once you’ve read the article…

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Experian take over MoneyAware Twitter

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Get your credit report questions answered by the experts!

Get your credit report questions answered by the experts!

As you can imagine, we’re asked a host of questions around debt and money. One of the main concerns that’s raised by people in debt is how those debt problems can affect their credit file, and what they can do to improve it once they’ve taken control of their debts.

Our friends at Experian have long provided expertise in this area (alongside the two other credit report agencies, Equifax and Call Credit), as well as giving guidance on other things such as identity fraud and applying for the right mortgage.

That’s why this Friday (30th January), Experian Experts will be taking over the MoneyAware Twitter account for an hour from 12:30pm to answer you burning questions on credit reports. It’s a perfect opportunity to ask anything you’re not sure about and get any worries cleared up once and for all!

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Hold the phone – Samaritans launches Phone Free Friday

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On Friday 20 June 2014, people from across the UK and Ireland will be getting involved in Phone Free Friday. Rachel Kirby-Rider, Samaritans’ Executive Director of Fundraising and Communications, tells us all about it…

Phone Free Friday, Samaritans

Could you ditch your phone for a day?

“I have this wonderful image of Claire. She brought such warmth to everyone around her, and was always laughing with her friends on her phone.”

This is a memory shared by Cilla Squires, mum to fundraiser Claire who tragically passed away while running the London Marathon in 2012.

Claire was a keen fundraiser who was never too far away from her phone, and Phone Free Friday is a tribute from Samaritans to her. We want to say thank you to Claire for all she’s done, and encourage everyone to resist their phone for just one day for a good cause.

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Four last minute Mother’s Day gift ideas

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Make mum feel special without breaking the bank

Make mum feel special without breaking the bank

Ah, Mum. There’s no one quite like her, and every year we promise we’ll make Mother’s Day a really special day for her…

But every year most of us make that same desperate dash to the shops or the petrol station on Sunday morning, looking around in despair at the gutted card racks and the distinct lack of flowers.

The problem with Mother’s Day is that it’s one of those sneaky holidays. It seems to creep up on you just as you start to get over Valentine’s Day and instead drool for Easter eggs.

Never fear! Your trusty friends at MoneyAware have put together a little cheat sheet of cheap and cheerful YouTube ideas to make your Mum’s special day extra special.

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The bright side of Blue Monday

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free from debt

Looking on the bright side…

It’s cold, it’s dark, and maybe it’s even snowing. It’s mid-January, Christmas seems an age ago, the only reminder is the credit card bills landing on your doormat, reminding you once and for all that this is the most depressing time of the year!

Blue Monday is (apparently) the most depressing day of the year. It’s the third Monday of January, when the credit card statements arrive in the post, a miserable reminder of just how much you may have spent over Christmas. However, we think there’s a bright side to this annual misery-fest.

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#debtday: Well done – you can become debt free too

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Usually when we conclude a #debtday social media event we urge people to seek help with their debts, or tell them how we can help with counselling or welfare benefits advice.

However this time let’s instead look at the positives; in the UK, on an individual level, people are paying off their debts. The amount of personal debt reported to us fell by 7% during 2010. This should continue in 2011.

And to celebrate that fact – and specifically to congratulate the 95 clients who made their last DMP repayment today – we’ve been filming around the charity today.

The video features some of our colleagues, a whiteboard, some felt tips and load of “well done” messages. If you’re recently finished your DMP, think of it as a “congratulations” card from us.

If you’ve paid off your debts well done. We hope we helped, and we hope you enjoy being debt free.