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April’s top debt and money news stories

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Know your rights

April 2015 debt news

As the new tax year begins, we’ve seen the introduction of large-scale pension changes that have a wide-ranging impact for many people, including our clients.

April has also seen the introduction of a new type of debt solution in Scotland to help people with lower incomes who are struggling with their debts. In other news, caps on hefty bills caused by unauthorised calls are set to be limited by mobile phone companies and the UK’s largest payday loan company Wonga has announced a significant profit loss and is considering a change of name.

And finally, find out how one restaurant owner’s act of kindness went viral on social media!

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Know your rights – December’s debt news

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Know your rights - December's

Know your rights – December’s debt news

The Christmas decorations are packed away and many of us might be packing a bit more padding than we were this time last month.

One thing’s for sure however; money never takes a break from making the news, even during the festive season.

There’s been some pivotal changes by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) in how much interest payday lenders can charge their customers, and they also took a closer look at complaints procedures for financial firm customers.

Let’s look at all the latest goings on…

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The 7 main differences between DAS DPPs and DMPs

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This advice is applicable in Scotland only

DAS Debt Arrangement Scheme Advice

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For those living in Scotland, there’s a host of different debt solutions available that aren’t in England and Wales. But with choice comes a lot of responsibility and it can be a bit of a minefield sorting through all the information out there.

So to help you out here’s our guide to the seven biggest differences between two Scottish debt solutions that are often compared: DMPs and DPPs under the Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS). Continue reading »


Debt Arrangement Scheme: 7 things you didn’t know about DAS

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DAS Debt Arrangement Scheme Advice

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If you’re one of our avid followers you’ll be well aware of debt solutions like IVAs, DMPs and bankruptcy, but the Debt Arrangement Scheme is a debt repayment programme available for those of you who live in Scotland.

The Debt Arrangement Scheme (DAS) has been part of Scottish law since it was brought into force in 2004. It was introduced as a way for people with more than one debt to protect themselves against court action. Continue reading »