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The top 5 debt and money news stories for February 2017

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With gloomy January out of the way, we take a look at the latest personal debt statistics from the Bank of England, get the low-down on why so many banks are closing high street branches, and find out about the rising number of us applying for insolvency.

Not only that, we’ll explore research suggesting you could be saving on your ‘big shop’ and we look at how the Government is changing the benefits available to the bereaved…

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March’s debt and money news

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Welcome to this month’s debt and money news. As usual, a lot has been going on in the world of…well debt and money.

So, what’s on the round-up this time? Soon we’ll need a TV licence to watch ‘catch-up’ programmes on iPlayer, the FCA refuses authorisation to a debt management company, and the N244 application fee is set to rise.

Elsewhere, a report has highlighted that around four million children are living in fuel poverty, while the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) announces plans to ‘shake up’ the energy industry.

Read on to find out more…

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Debt and money news – January 2016

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It may be a brand new year but it seems that many of last year’s debt and money issues are far from resolved. It’s also time to fill in your online tax return if you haven’t done so already. No one wants that ugly £100 fine for sending it off late!

On a brighter note, it looks like the bankruptcy application process may be a little bit simpler from April onwards. It also seems that annoying cold-calling firms are finally being taken to task by the powers that be. This should hopefully mean a dramatic reduction in unwanted contact this year.

Also, if you’re a former customer of Cash Genie or its sister companies, you may be owed a refund now that the firms have gone into liquidation. Read on for more details…

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October’s debt and money news

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A lot has been going on in the world of debt and money this month. Well actually, a lot has been going up, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing!

October welcomes a rise in the debt limit needed to qualify for a debt relief order and there was also a rise in the minimum wage. The amount of debt a creditor can make you bankrupt for has increased too.

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April’s top debt and money news stories

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Know your rights

April 2015 debt news

As the new tax year begins, we’ve seen the introduction of large-scale pension changes that have a wide-ranging impact for many people, including our clients.

April has also seen the introduction of a new type of debt solution in Scotland to help people with lower incomes who are struggling with their debts. In other news, caps on hefty bills caused by unauthorised calls are set to be limited by mobile phone companies and the UK’s largest payday loan company Wonga has announced a significant profit loss and is considering a change of name.

And finally, find out how one restaurant owner’s act of kindness went viral on social media!

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The 5 things you need to do before going bankrupt

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UPDATE 5 April 2016: This article was originally published in March 2014. The bankruptcy application process for people living in England, Wales and Northern Ireland is changing in 2016. Visit our bankruptcy changes page for more information.

Don't get tripped up by a bankruptcy pitfall

Don’t get tripped up by a bankruptcy pitfall

If you’ve made the decision to go bankrupt then it’s important for you to prepare yourself for the big day. It’s also key that you take care of any loose ends that could potentially trip you up.

We want to make sure you take all the right steps before you commit yourself to bankruptcy.

This simple guide will give you a few handy tips to make sure that you’re prepared.

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5 famous bankrupts from history

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Even the great Walt Disney had to deal with debt problems!

Even the great Walt Disney had to deal with debt problems!

As you’ve no doubt heard us say so many times, debt problems can happen to anyone no matter what their income, social status or approach to money. Little surprise then that history is riddled with people who were plagued by money worries.

Bankruptcy has long held a stigma that persists to this day despite it often being the best solution available to a person in debt. Several modern day celebrities have had to call in the official receiver when their debts got out of hand, but this list of famous names from yesteryear might surprise you…

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