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Which organisations are treating our clients unfairly?

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People feel that they’re not being treated fairly by some of the companies they owe money to and borrow money from. That’s the message we received from our clients in our recent research into creditor and debt collector conduct.

Our research reveals the kinds of organisations that are most likely to make people feel unfairly treated, and the kind of unfair treatment they’re receiving. We’re campaigning for changes to be made in those organisations to help those in debt and to reduce unfair treatment.

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5 of the most commonly asked DMP questions this year

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Whether it’s reviewing payments, changes to your circumstances or helping with letters and forms, our dedicated team of advisors are here to help you manage your DMP.

We were curious to find out what the most commonly asked DMP questions were in 2015. Who better to ask than the advisors themselves? Take it away, guys!

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Bailiffs get a makeover: what’s going to happen?

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Bailiff changes

Bailiffs are changing

Bailiffs have been part of debt law in England and Wales for over a thousand years.  In fact the oldest law that’s still on the books in England, the 1267 Statute of Marlborough, concerns stopping bailiffs taking too much property.

Of course a lot has changed over the centuries and bailiff law has grown into a complicated subject. Now for the first time, the government have revised all of this legislation, and starting from April 6th bailiff law in England and Wales enters the 21st Century.

(Nothing’s changing if you live in Scotland or Northern Ireland though. The laws there are nowhere near as convoluted as bailiff law in England and Wales!)

If you’re worried, we can provide expert bailiff advice. Here are a few of the questions we get asked about this much-maligned profession, and what the changes in April will mean to you.

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Benefits, credit files & collection tactics – Our most read articles in 2013

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Our 2013 most read articles

Our 2013 most read articles

It’s that time of year where we look back and see what you were reading on MoneyAware during 2013.

It’s fair to say that this has been the busiest year for our blog ever – thank you for your participation. We’ve had more comments, questions and visitors than ever before. So in reverse order, here’s what you have been looking at… Continue reading »


Statute barred debt: A step-by-step guide

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What counts as credit?

Can Statute Barred debt be written off?

We never encourage people to avoid paying their debts. You won’t hear us making false claims about “getting your debts written off”. That’s what daytime TV advert breaks are for.

We’re here to give the expert debt help and practical solutions people need to get back in control of their finances.

That being said, we’re here for you. And as my old school teacher use to say (a lot), “knowledge is power”. I want you to be armed with everything you need to get debt free and stay there. That’s why I want you to know about statute barred debt.

Update: Read more about statute barred debt on our website.

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Help! I’m on a DMP and my debt has been transferred!

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Benefit changes

What happens if my debt changes hands?

Everything is going smoothly on your debt management plan (DMP).

Then, out of the blue, you get a letter from a debt collection agency informing you that they’ve legally taken over one of your debts from the original creditor.

Basically, you now owe the money to the new organisation and not the original creditor.

What do you do now? And how does this affect your DMP?

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Five secrets of debt collection

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Letters demands

Don’t ignore letters, but don’t let them scare you

Creditor calls and letters? Threats of court action or home visits? Welcome to the debt collection process.

Each creditor is different in how they deal with people who are struggling to pay. All creditors have one thing in common though: as businesses they want to recover as much money as they can. And the debt collection process is their way of chasing you to repay what you owe.
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