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Every time someone interacts with us social media, gives us a like or a share or a comment, it lets others know that debt isn’t something they have to deal with alone. It’s also a great way to let other people in debt know we’re here to help.

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Whether you have a couple of seconds or a few minutes, any time you can spare to share our messages on social media means we can let even more people know we’re here to help.


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“It’s my job to get the charity into the news media, be it online, radio, TV or the newspapers. I know that when the…

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Become a media star

If you’d like to do even more, there are other ways you can get involved too. We’re often approached by journalists and bloggers who want to hear from people first-hand about their experience of debt, so we’re always on the lookout for clients who would like to be media volunteers.

Whether it’s to go on TV, speak on the radio, or give interviews to newspapers, being a media volunteer can be a great experience. Not only that, but by speaking about the circumstances that led you into debt, the benefits of getting advice and the feelings you had along the way, you may encourage people to seek help themselves. You can find out more about becoming a media volunteer on our website.

Laura Davies joined the MoneyAware team in May 2014 from a background in public relations. Outside of work, Laura enjoys travelling, reading, drinking tea and spending too much time on Buzzfeed.

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