Debt Awareness Week 2015: let’s take control of debt!

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Lets help more people take control of debt than ever

Personal debt is an issue for millions, but in no month is the stress of debt more acutely felt than in January. Many people are feeling broke after the festive season, and may have opted to put off seeking debt advice until now.

It’s estimated that some 2.9 million people urgently need debt advice*. The trouble is that many don’t know where to start.

On Monday we launch our second annual Debt Awareness Week, where we highlight the issue and encourage people to get free debt advice. We want to help more people take control of their debt than ever before.

One year on

You may remember how last year’s Debt Awareness Week campaign focused on the danger signs of debt to keep an eye out for. Our advisors shared what they believed to be some of the most common signs that there’s a problem, and we launched a debt danger sign tool to help you identify any danger signs you may be facing.

In addition, we ran a totaliser of the amount of debt we deal with in a typical week. The figures were staggering, with the final amount clocking in at £266,382,262. This proved to us that even more needed to be done to reach those that needed us most. If this was the amount of debt that we were aware of, just how much of it was out there that we weren’t?

Introducing 7 Days, 7 Ways

There are lots of people who need debt advice but don’t know where to start. What kind of information does a debt advisor need? What bills are more important than others? How do you put together an effective and realistic budget?

All these questions and more are answered by our 7 Days, 7 Ways email programme, which we’re launching as part of Debt Awareness Week. Developed by our very own expert debt advisors, it’s a free and easy-to-follow program that’ll help people take steps to deal with their debts sooner rather than later. It will also help them create a longer term plan of action to take control of their debt once and for all.

If you know someone who may be in need of debt advice but needs some encouragement first, please tell them about 7 Days, 7 Ways. They can sign up on our website and very soon they’ll be on their way to putting their debt problems behind them.

Help us spread the word

There are still far too many people who remain unaware that they can get free debt advice. You can help to change that. Here’s how:

  • Let your workplace or community know by downloading the Debt Awareness Week digital toolkit. In it you’ll find articles, blogposts, graphics and more for your website and social media channels.
  • Please tweet or email us any photos of our Debt Awareness Week posters in your workplace or local community – we’d love to hear from you!

*Statistic taken from the StepChange Debt Charity Action Plan on Problem Debt (January 2015).

At StepChange Debt Charity we want you to be free of debt and save money.

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  • Matt

    Good idea, people need to be more aware of debt and how to manage their money better. Sure it went well. Matt – Debt Lifeboat