Infographic: the impact of money worries

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How do money worries affect other aspects of life?

As part of our Need to Sleep campaign, you may have heard that 7.4 million people across the UK have problems sleeping because of money worries. But what exactly are people losing sleep over, and what effect does it have on their everyday lives?

Worrying about money causes untold distress that goes beyond finances. It affects our relationships with our friends, family and partners. It also affects our performance at work, our sense of stability for the future, and our happiness today. We’ve put together the infographic (below) to show you just how far the impact of money worries is felt across all aspects of people’s lives.

If you want to let people with money worries know they’re not alone and that free help is available, please share this infographic with your friends on social media.

Together we can make tonight a better night’s sleep for people with money worries.

Need to sleep infographic

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