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Make sure you get the rest you need

Make sure you get the rest you need

Ah, sleep. Is there anything more sublime? The importance of sleep goes way beyond keeping under-eye circles at bay. It also plays a key part in a healthy lifestyle, and can benefit your heart, weight, mind, and more.

It’s a shame, then, that 7.4 million of us are having trouble sleeping due to money worries. Reading Paul’s Need to Sleep story and hearing various tales from our clients made me want to shake things up with this month’s top ten.

Instead of money-saving, let’s see what sleep-gems are out there on t’Internet!

1. 10 foolproof tips for a better sleep (Dumb Little Man)

From drinking too much caffeine to actually lying awake and worrying about your lack of sleep, it seems there are several pitfalls that we need to be aware of. Jay White over at Dumb Little Man has some easy pointers to help you get some decent shut-eye.

The incredibly not dumb Jay can be found on Twitter.

2. How to tell if it’s time for a nap in one simple chart (Huffington Post)

According to American survey website Gallup, 40% of people in the US are getting less than the recommended seven hours of sleep per night. It’s little wonder that our American cousins find themselves in dire need of a nap at some point during the day.

The Huffington Post has created this handy chart to help them (and you) figure out when it’s an appropriate time to score a cheeky snooze (hint: not during an important meeting!)

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3.  Myths – and facts – about sleep (Sleep Foundation)

Now don’t get me wrong, I love a good myth as much as the next folklore geek (Hypnos of the Iliad, anyone?) but some myths about sleep can prove to be your Achilles’ Heel.

The Sleep Foundation has compiled a list of common slumber myths and facts so you don’t need to leave your chances of getting a good night’s kip in the lap of the gods!

Cuddle up to the Sleep Foundation’s ‘My Sleep Tips’ account on Twitter.

4.   How to fall asleep fast (WikiHow)

For many people, it’s not just a question of falling asleep – many of us would like to know how to fall asleep fast. It’s often in that first half hour after climbing into bed that many of us fall prey to browsing Facebook on our phones or reflect on every little thing that’s ever happened to us, ever.

Sound familiar? Check out this guide on Wikihow and find out how you can get your snooze on as quickly as possible.

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5.  What to eat to help you sleep (Maria’s Farm Country Kitchen)

My policy on food tends to be “if it’s there, and I’m hungry, I’m going to eat it”. Unsurprisingly, this hasn’t worked out great for my waistline over the years, but apparently the food/snacks/midnight kormas I’ve eaten over the years have also affected my chances of a good night’s sleep. Who would’ve thought?

Check out this guide from Maria’s Farm Country Kitchen so you can be clued-up on pre-snooze snackage.

Cook up a storm with Maria’s Farm Country Kitchen on Twitter.

6.  14 ways to get the energy for the important stuff (Zenhabits)

Leaving the sleep tips aside for one second, what can you do to perk yourself up during the dreaded afternoon slump? We’re more prone to slacking off when we’re tired, as well as losing focus and feeling a bit crabby. Don’t fret, it’s Zenhabits to the rescue!

Find your inner peace with Zenhabits on Twitter.

7.  Are you a sleep procrastinator? (The Sleep Council)

“Oh go on then, just one more chapter of my book…ooh, it’s all kicking off on Facebook, let’s take a sneaky gander…Dogs do Hilarious Things to a Laughing Track? I can’t possibly miss this…”

We’ve all put sleep off to do something fun at some point. I’m convinced that the 7-year-old sitting at the top of the stairs intently listening in on mum and dad’s conversation never really leaves us. That said, sleep procrastination certainly has a lot to answer for when it comes to incessant yawning and endless cups of coffee the next day. The Sleep Council gives you the lowdown on the warning signs to look out for.

Say hello to the Sleep Council on Twitter.

8.  6 ways to get prettier, smarter and healthier while you sleep (Wisebread)

Did you know that turning your heating down at night can actually help you burn calories while you sleep? Or that 45 minutes of Mozart may do wonders for your blood pressure? Wisebread has more nifty tips for getting some quality rest.

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9.  13 natural ways to fall asleep without sleeping pills (Huffington Post)

Yes, I know, we’ve already had an offering from Huff Post, but this list of cheap and easy remedies for sleeplessness was just too good to pass up!

10. 8 ways sleeping can help you save money (Mind Your Decisions)

Think about everything you do when you’re awake – at least a quarter of those activities must cost a penny or two at some point. Find out how a bout of forty winks means more pennies in your pocket.

Do you have any sleep tips to share? Let us know in the comments.

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