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Don’t let your energy supplier put a freeze on your budget!

Don’t let your energy supplier put a freeze on your budget!

Things can seem in a constant state of go-go-go when you’re at uni – getting to grips with the food shop, deciding which club to go to, cramming before a big exam, drawing up rotas so everyone in the house knows when it’s their turn to do the dishes…the list goes on!

What many students may not know, though, is how much money they can save should they switch energy suppliers. They tend to believe that they’re lumbered with the same supplier they had when they first moved into their rented property, but this just isn’t the case.

Ofgem’s recent 2014 Consumer Engagement survey shows that a staggering three quarters of bill-paying tenants have never switched energy or gas supplier in order to try and save their hard earned cash (77% for electricity and 74% for gas). One in five of them also admitted that they weren’t even aware they could switch suppliers.

The Department of Energy and Climate Change (DECC) and Ofgem think this is a real shame, as well as a massive waste of money. That’s why Ofgem have updated the Be an Energy Shopper website to include the key facts, along with top tips to help students wrangle the best deal out of their energy bills. To switch, you can also use our energy switching service.

Savings worth getting out of bed for

When it comes to how much you can actually save by switching, believe us when we say we’re not talking chump change – the saving could be up to £200. This handy graphic illustrates just a fraction of the awesome things and activities that you could spend your precious cash on versus that pesky overpriced energy bill.

see how much money you could save by switching supplier!

see how much money you could save by switching supplier!

Do you have a switch success story? Tell us about it in the comments!

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