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thank you cardsEveryone likes to be told they’re doing a good job from time to time, and we’re no exception.

We’re astounded at the number of positive messages, cards, tweets and letters we get every month. We thought it would be nice to round-up some of our favourites.

Many people get in touch with us because we’ve given free debt advice to someone they know and care about, such as a friend, family member or work colleague.

The cards you’re about to see are from real people, just like you.

“Thank you once again”

Thank you card from Janet in AyrshireThis lovely springtime-themed card comes from Janet in Ayrshire who writes:

“Your patience and kindness is beyond words. I wish I could express my gratitude to veryone at StepChange.”

You just did, Janet! 🙂





“Support and compassion”

thank you card from Lesley in MerseysideSeriously, is there a cuter greetings card mascot than Tatty Bear? Look at his little face!

This lovely card came from Lesley from Merseyside who recently became debt free. She says:

“Thank you for being my rock, for being at the end of a phone and for your support and compassion.”






“Your kindness went a long way”

This cute card came from Carol and Richard in East Anglia who write:

“Thank you so much for all the help and advice we were given during our time in debt. we are now debt free!

Your kindness went a long way when things looked bleak.”

Kindness, like our debt advice, doesn’t cost a penny. Glad to know we could help!


“Very supportive”

Thank you card from Jacqui in DundeeDuring Debt Awareness Week we received this lovely thank you card from Jacqui in Angus:

“Without your support in my hour of need, I would not be alive today as due to my debt crisis, I did not know how to deal with it and who to turn to…I was contemplating suicide, as the pressure was too much.

Fortunately, my fears were eliminated and I had a reason to continue in life. Once I was on my debt mangement plan, the pressures were dramatically reduced…thank you so much from the bottom of my heart.”

Glad we could help you turn things around, Jacqui!



“I could not have done it without you.”

thank you cardIt definitely feels like Spring is in the air at last, or maybe we’re just in a good mood thanks to this fab card from Bruce in West Yorkshire. He writes:

“What a massive relief it was to receive my final ‘nil’ statement and also your congratulations card confirming that I’m now debt free!

Words are insufficient to describe my thanks to all the staff who have helped me arrive at this point after years of determined effort.

I realise now that there is a way back, even in the darker days when my debt seemed such a mountain to climb. I could not have done it without you.”

If you, like Bruce, want to put your debt problems behind you for good, then please get in touch. Find out now if you need debt advice by trying our 60 second debt check.

Rachel Connor has been with the charity for over 8 years, starting in Helpline before joining the MoneyAware team in 2012. Rach enjoys travelling, video games, watching anime, reading and creative writing in her spare time (currently writing a Young Adult fantasy series). She had a previous life as head writer on Cartoon Network's Ed Edd n Eddy and as a copywriter for LivingSocial. She's also written comics and graphic novels for the animated series Regular Show.

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  • chris

    This is so inspiring. I’m sure every single client is just as grateful of your help. Debt is such a dark place in which to be but the support of your staff is very much appreciated. I ,myself am just over four years into a DMP with (hopefully) 18 months left to go. Thankfully I’ve been in a position where I earn a good wage and have been able to meet my monthly payment regularly. BUT I have learn’t a valuable lesson that budgeting and (I know it’s a cliche) living within my means is the key. I can say without any doubt, that without the help of Step Change I would have been a hopeless case, spiraling ever downwards. Thank you so much!!!!

    • moneyaware

      Hi Chris,

      It’s great to know you’re on your way to becoming debt free. Unfortunately budgeting is a difficult thing to master and most of us learn through our mistakes.

      Best wishes for the rest of your journey and here’s to a happy debt free future 🙂

      Best wishes,

  • Toni Hone

    These really are a great company! They really make you feel like they care! I’m looking forward to being debt free!!! Thank you for all your continued help!

    • moneyaware

      Thanks for your kind words Toni!

      Soon you will be able to celebrate being debt free too 🙂

      Best wishes,