This month’s top ten money saving articles

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Who made our top ten this month?

Who made our top ten this month?

We’re just getting back to normal after our first Debt Awareness Week where we helped thousands of people spot the danger signs of debt.

What better way to get back into the swing of things with this month’s top ten money saving articles!

As you sporty types no doubt know, the Six Nations Rugby Championship started on Saturday, and we’ve got a scrum-ptious lineup to help you tackle an unruly budget. Let’s try to convert to money-saving  in 2014. [Note: We ran short on puns at this point – if you can think of any more let us know]

1) A thrifty guide to buying a coat (A Thrifty Mrs)

Just like fish and chips, Match of the Day and Peggy Mitchell’s shrieks of ‘get out of ma pub!’, murky rainy days are a bit of a staple in Britain. It stands to reason then that we spend much of the year clutching a coat to our shivering, pasty-looking bodies.

The problem with a good coat is that they’re usually on the pricey side. However with a bit of tenacity you can grab yourself a brilliant bargain fairly easily. El from A Thrifty Mrs shows you how.

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2) 5 best ways to save on baby supplies (Rainy Day Saver)

Whether you’re planning for the arrival of your first child or you’re already a parent, bringing up baby can be very expensive.

Fear not, as Rainy Day Saver has a bundle of great tips to help you ‘rattle’ some extra pennies together (sorry).

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3) 20 random money-saving tips (DiscountCoder)

There are so many ways to save money that almost anyone can do it. Katie and Jenny over at DiscountCoder prove this with their roundup of random money-saving tips.

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4) Jump start a January declutter (Penny Golightly)

Like learning a foreign language or saving up an emergency fund, decluttering is one of those noble tasks we all mean to get round to doing but usually never do.

Penny Golightly knows your plight and has devised a foolproof way to purge your home and life of excess baggage. What’s more, you can actually make some extra dosh as you go. Penny kicks things off easy with a guide on how to blitz a bloated inbox.

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5) Five easy steps to saving money in 2014 (Frugal Queen)

Frugal Queen – a.k.a. Froogs – has seen her fair share of financial revolutions in her time, from having her mortgage revoked by the bank, to clearing £45k worth of personal debt (a congrats to her and Mr Froogs is surely in order!)

Froogs has picked up some great wisdom on her way to debt freedom and she shares five of her most important money lessons in this recent blogpost.

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6) 8 simple ways to reduce food waste (Miss Thrifty)

The average UK family chucks away almost an entire meal each day, costing the equivalent of nearly £60 a month. Think of what you could do with that kinda moolah!

Fortunately, with a bit of pre-planning there’s lots of ways you can cut back on the wanton wasting of food. Here’s 8 from Miss Thrifty to get you started.

You can find Miss Thrifty on Twitter.

7) How to make and save money in 2014 (MoneyMagpie)

Make this your year where you make – and save – some serious dough. This brilliant guide from MoneyMagpie spans the whole year, giving you some valuable advice on how you can rake in the dough from now until December – and maybe even beyond.

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8) How I reduced my bills by over £100 a month (Not SuperMum)

When you want to make some cuts and tighten up your budget it’s not always easy to know where to start.

Thankfully, Jean over at Not SuperMum (we beg to differ) has been through her fair share of budget trims. Check out her handy hints on how you can save a fair whack of cash just by stripping away some inessentials.

You can catch up with Jean on Twitter too.

9) Save money while doing your hobbies (Canadian Budget Binder)

If we could all find a balance between doing what we love and making a living out of it, then we would all be a lot happier. Sadly, our passions often get consigned to an occasional hobby so we can devote our time to doing thing that we might not necessarily love but at least pay the bills.

The good folk at Canadian Budget Binder believe that you can have your hobby cake and eat it too. This guide will tell you how you can turn your sideline passion into a nice little earner.

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10) 5 things to do when a financial emergency strikes (Man vs Debt)

When life tosses you into a deep financial hole it can be hard to know how to dig yourself out. It happens to many of us at some point in our lives, as Joan over at Man vs Debt can attest.

Here Joan gives some great tips on how to steel yourself against life’s unexpected curveballs.

You can find Joan on Twitter.

Have you found some marvellous money-saving articles you’re dying to share? Tell us all about them in the comments.

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