3 more important reasons why we’re running Debt Awareness Week

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There’s one big reason why we’re running Debt Awareness Week: we want everyone to get the free debt help they need, as soon as they need it.

Whether it’s Debt Awareness Week or not, we hear stories like the three you’ll read below every day. These are people just like you, just like your friends, your colleagues, and your loved ones. The one thing that unites them all was the lightbulb moment they experienced that made them finally contact us for help.

Client quotes obtained in debt danger signs survey, Dec 2013.

Reason #4

“Our lightbulb moment was realising that one of the overlooked bills had been taken out of the joint account, leaving no money to cover the food bill or petrol.  We were forced to ask my elderly mother for a few pounds to last us until our next pension payment was deposited into the bank.

I never thought I could sink so low.  I knew that the situation could not continue and I needed help.  I had been hiding the extent of the debt situation from my husband and was too scared to tell him the truth.

When I contacted Stepchange Debt Charity and worked on our budget, my husband accepted the situation and never even had a cross word. He just gave me his support and said he was relieved that I had done something positive about the situation.

I am so relieved that the problem is now out in the open. I have told the rest of the family about the problems, and they have also been supportive and help us out in practical ways.”

Reason #5

“I should have faced up to my debt problem sooner and not ignored it hoping it would go away.  By dealing with it you are saving yourself lots of unnecessary worry.  Hiding it will not make it go away only facing up to things will.

When I faced up to my problem and went onto a debt management plan I felt a lot happier and more in control of dealing with my debt.

After five long years I am only a few months away from repaying my debt. I can’t explain how proud that makes me feel and how much I owe to StepChange Debt Charity for helping and supporting me.”

Reason #6

“I was made redundant and spent almost a year paying everything using redundancy money. I was eventually relying on payday loans for grocery shopping.

I should have tried to get advice then, as we clearly weren’t managing (and would definitely have had more available for the groceries), but I just kept paying everything until we literally ran out of money.”

If you relate to any of the stories above, or any of the others we’ll add during this week, use our Debt Danger Signs test to see if you need debt advice.

At StepChange Debt Charity we want you to be free of debt and save money.

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