Nuisance calls and texts: What did you tell us?

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“Who are you and HOW have you got my number?”

In September we asked our clients about the growing problem with nuisance calls and texts. We were shocked by some of the responses and the obvious scale of the problem.

Below we look at some of your responses that helped inspire us to do something about this type of unsolicited marketing. In many cases the calls and texts our clients received are often misleading, particularly when it concerns problem debt.

Your debts written off? New government legislation? Nonsense!

A lot of those who spoke to us said they’d received either a phone call or a text claiming that you can get your debts written off. We’ve blogged about this sort of bad advice before but it seems clear that this misleading tactic is still used for selling certain fee-generating forms of insolvency.

Reclaiming payment protection insurance (PPI)

By now we should all know that it’s easy and simple to reclaim mis-sold PPI for free. However, this doesn’t stop companies sending spam texts selling their fee-charging reclaim service. They also call people constantly about this.

Personal loans

There’s even evidence that some of our clients gets calls offering them credit products such as high interest personal loans.

What are we going to do with your comments?

Starting next week we’ll be talking to the Government about what you’ve told us about nuisance calls and texts. The experiences you’ve submitted will form a central part of what we’ll be telling the Government. Look out for more news, starting on Tuesday.

With your help we can press for change and make sure there is significant improvement of the regulation around this type of marketing.


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