Please review our IVA service

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This page contains information about debt solutions available in England, Wales and Northern Ireland. Debt advice in Scotland involves similar but different solutions. Before considering an IVA as a debt solution, please make sure you fully understand the risks involved when entering an IVA.

Please Review our IVA service

Review our IVA service

StepChange Voluntary Arrangements has never been a team that likes to blow its own trumpet.

We don’t like to go on about how high we aim for with helping you each and every day.

So we’re going to ask you instead! Can you help us to help more people?

Go back to when you were searching for help…

  • How did you feel before you contacted us? Were you worried, scared, not sure which way to turn for the best advice?
  • How did you feel after you contacted us? Did we help you? Could you sleep at night?
  • What did it feel like when your IVA was approved? Were you relieved? What were the feelings like?
  • Since your IVA has been up and running have we helped you to stay on top of any bumps in the road? Have we been helpful?

We hope the answers to all of these questions should be positive, as we go out of our way to help our clients out of the nightmare of problem debt.

So we’re asking you for a bit of help.

We’ve recently set up a StepChange Voluntary Arrangements reviews page on the Review Centre website. By reading reviews of our service, and reading how we’ve helped thousands of people with their IVA, we hope that people will feel confident that they’re talking to the right organisation.

We can help as many people as we can with free and impartial advice but we need your help to get the word out about our service. It could mean the difference between someone taking debt advice from us, or going to a fee-charging commercial company.

Leaving feedback about our service on the Review Centre website will only take a few minutes and you’ll be doing your bit to help – word of mouth recommendations are vital to reaching people who need help, especially from others who have been in the same boat.

Please leave a review and help us help others.

We know debt. But you understand what it feels like when you’re in debt and don’t know where to turn. Together we can help others going through the same situation find the right advice.

Matthew worked as an IVA drafter prior to working in social media. In a former life he wrote scripts for Eastenders, Emmerdale and Hollyoaks. He has 3 chickens, 2 dogs and a rabbit.

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